A meteor in the dark night sky

Poet- Maanvi Agarwal


I have been trying to establish the connection
between the light that blinds me and the meteor that fell yesterday,
the one gazing back at me is a unique creature
the eyes that blink at me are not uncertain, but arrogant.

“What a repulsive creature!” I think
more out of anger and insecurity, than any particular hatred.
It sets out its jaws in defiance of my silhouette,
and I feel conscious in the eyes of the small creature.
Does it have the right to be like that?


I have stood at this place before,
just yesterday, to be precise.
It appears the same on the map
longitude and latitudes
but under the dripping brow, I can see the flame flicker,
can feel it growing up, beyond my size!

It has a beak, to hurt me,
beady eyes, to make me wallow in self- pity,
feathers…waiting to unfurl, wanting to run away from me.
It’s alive!
How dare it mock my existence?



It’s yellow, the liquid in the bowl
I stare at it blankly and wait for it,
It never comes
and I bathe in the reflection of the translucent liquid,
until it falls down with a clang.

Loud noises befall me, and it stands in the hallway
giving me a harrowed glance,
it has given up and become mine
yet it still gives me pitiful glances
Regret and pity, can it be owned?


Besides the ashes,
what is left? Nothing more…


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