Celebrating Womanhood!


Author- Saniya Zehra

For the fire she is, she dreamt of blazing high. Only this time, they allowed her the wishes. And ceased anew, her soaring.


International Women’s Day 2016 celebrates the Pledge for Parity. Of the boundless achievements scribbled in the account of women all over the world, one still evades them- the freedom. The theme for equality is being called out globally, for more than a decade now. But, always what has been overlooked is the fact that the liberation we’re talking about is not to be given to them by anyone. Its rightfully theirs; having being born with it.


Women, at par with men, in all forms and stature today, are still struggling to bring themselves into the vision of equivalence. The fact that there are many who still believe in “allowing” her, for her to pursue her dreams, is actually caging them forever under the authorization of some other being. Someone cut from the exact flesh, potential the same. No matter how many stages that she has won through, women have always found themselves to be held back; their robbed freedom answering for it.


What is to stop, is to let them. The let brings out the inferior, for the women being needful of your permissions. No, we don’t need one. Neither do we need our freedom from you, they’re very much ours, thank God. All we need is the liberation from the very thought that someone else has to unbound us to the world or to “let” us follow our dreams. This is the parity we seek. For now, and the coming generations.

Happy Women’s Day, for the better of the universe. All we are, is our dreams. And the reflection of your love.





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