A Day in the Making of Litmus 2016 

Authors- Simran Keshwani and Maanvi Agarwal

The mere mention of The English Department of Lady Shri Ram College for women, the unparalleled Best in the country speaks Volumes about why LSR, in its iconic vision, stands out.

Here at LSR, we create a parallel space for embroiling existing constructs & demythifying them, with finesse. In order to take this curiosity that helps us probe and de-probe a step forward, The English Department presents Litmus 2016 – The Annual Departmental Fest on the topic BODIES OF CONQUEST. 

Reclaim the Body, Discard the Myth.
Join us at deconstructing notions that civilisation feeds us, up until these “constructs” are ontic.
The idea of the “Other” is a panegyric that extenuates Myths. How far are these Myths not mere misconstrued conniptions?

Come find out in an exclusive behind-the-scene soirée with The English Department! #LitmusIsComing

1.  The Day begins on a Serious note. Gearing up for jamming & executing!

2.  Because Sleep is for the Weak. 


3.  Working it Out! 

4.  Because Discourse on Feminism & Postcolonialism comes with It’s Glory. 


5.  Expect us to stand in line with gross sexist jokes? 

Expect Tirades. 


6. “Litmus helps us go the Extra Mile, beyond the usual syllabus and explore a canon of issues that may pass off as normal in quotidian life.”

7.  “This is our favourite place for brainstorming. Ideas just come gushing in here. It has this energy!”



8. Overburdened? 

Leave it to LSR to show you how it’s done with grace. And smiles!

9.  And a lot of love! 

10.  Do not underestimate what a simple cup of Frappé & Maggi can do for your creative process between long lectures. 


11.  Well, here’s proof. 

12.    “Gosh, I love English Honours” epiphany. 

That’s us after every lecture with the Best Faculty across DU. 

12. “It’s your 3rd year, any expectations from Litmus?”

“We have seen and attended Litmus for 2 years, but each year it has managed to surprise us. We think, okay this year it might be boring, but then voilá! 

There is always something unexpected with Litmus.”


13. “What makes LSR’s english fest special?”


“Us! (Laughing) 

It is special because a group of girls, from a girls college, surrounded by the most liberal atmosphere are creating an event that doesn’t encompasses an issue or an idea, but a vision of beyond..”

14. “Aren’t you tired after working so much?”


Well I have this to do, that to do, and yet again more to do but for Litmus everything stops taking precedence. It’s not just Litmus, it’s our Litmus.

15. “What do people generally forget during events?”


“Well they forget that all of us, even the people hidden from the limelight are putting in a lit of efforts to make an event successful.

 There is promotion, calls and telling your friends about how much of a loser they are if they miss Litmus.”

 “Litmus is Coming. Are you?”

Litmus is a beautiful name right? It’s also complicated. I leave the puzzle to you guys. After all English mein aake brainstorm na kiya, toh kya kiya?”



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