Rest In Peace, Nancy Reagen 

The death of former first lady Nancy Reagan, last night due to congestive heart failure has led to a grim atmosphere all over the States.

Having been the topic in the congress for been romantically involved with RonaldReagen.  Their 52 year old marriage has been termed as the most iconic love affair of the US Presidency.
After her husband’s demise in 2004, she had been living in the deteriorating health conditions. Considered more for her continual support and stand by for her husband, she is to be buried at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, next to her husband in Simi Valley, California.
Previously, as Nancy Davis, she was an actress in the 1940s and 50s and was in the limelight most in 1952 in her acting career. For her the path to the white house was almost similar and laid like that of her husband’s.

She became the first lady during her husband’s stint as the governed of California from 1967-75 before his decisive and prompt victory over Democratic president Jimmy Carter in 1980. She was soon wooing all the supporters as well as her rivals through her much talked about emulation of the ways of functioning which was much alike one of her predecessors Jackie Kennedy.
The most controversial stirs were her spending extravagantly on the redecorating of the White House and glamming designer dresses worth $1 million along a 4732- piece set from China for $ 209,000! Gasp. 

However this expensive grooming led her to being subject to a lot of criticism in times of recession, when she was blowing such elite fascism and people in the Americas were loosing their jobs in a spree.
Her superstitious nature had been in talks quite against her image of being “modern” as she would frequently take assistance of astrologers. Nevertheless, as grand she was, she moved too fluid within the paparazzi.

Her most celebratory and acclaimed contribution had been the project “Just Say No” for anti drugs campaign, also considered as the image rebuilding project of Mrs Reagan. She raised millions of dollars for research of stem cell studies for the welfare of the Alzheimer’s patients, once she suffered after her husband’s death due to the same disorder in 2004.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s tweet after the death, ” with the passing of Nancy Reagan, God and Ronny, have finally welcomed a choice soul home.”

Michael Reagan tweeted, ” I am saddened by the passing of my stepmother, Nancy Reagan…. She is once again with man she loved. God bless…”


Her life had been a light and sound with a lot of voices accusing and supporting her actions variably. Truly a star as she was till the age of 94.

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