Turning 20!

Poets- Priyanjana Das and Anuj Nawal

I’ve lived twenty years on this planet
and realised that no one wants to be who they really are.

The old act young.
The young trace maturity
The rich spend minimal, to be deemed “modest”
And the middle class spend lavishly, announced”up to standards”

And you. You want to live a life that others deem is perfect.
Get into a relationship so as to show off that you CAN!
Tell friends how you hooked up with that other girl last night,
You can! Hence proved.

Insult elders, and you are a  DOPE”.
Become somoeone who you never intended to be,
but you are an image of what others want.
You paste a fake smile on your face in front of those you detest.
And Act as if you don’t care in front of people you adore.
And then shout out loud, “I’m original”, 

“I am what I am!” 


But, are you?
You just turned twenty.

Let it dawn on you that teenage years were not the best ones.

The best ones are on their way!

You have a strong mind, a lively soul and an overflowing shower of youth.

Your dreams of taking trips to rugged terrains, hour- rated motels and crazy car rides are still waiting.


Thoughts to transgress emotions, mind to mingle with the heart

A show of courage is all you need,
To what THEY say, pay no heed


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