Bedazzle the crowd with the New Range by Clarins!

Author : Devshree Pareek 

It was just one of those days when we’re struggling to decide what to wear and caught up between Autumn-like winds and the Delhi heat. Our dear city never fails to surprise us! The bigger question here is – Skin Care. 

Fluctuating weather can make our skin completely go for a toss, and well, like all of us, even the skin needs some extra help to maintain its lustre when nature plays femme fatale. What happened next in line is sure to come to a Girl’s rescue! 

A height tea event hosted by Clarins got all beauty enthusiast crazy with the gala launch of their new product. 

Clarins, a Paris based Franchise has a wide range of products which are eco friendly and their packaging is recyclable. 

Quite fair to the environment, isn’t it? We give Clarins brownie points already! 


Having 14 years of experience in the Indian market, they launched a product according to the customers need; A White Plus Tri Intensive Brightening Serum. 

It has powerful Acerola fruit extract & double molecule hyaluronic acid to ensure complete skin translucency i.e. 

  • spotless skin
  • healthy glow
  • radiant skin
  • checks unevenness
  • oxygenation of skin

An SPF which is 50, as compared to all other products in the market, this protects your skin & helps your make up last longer. 
It’s suitable for the sensitive girls out there too! 

The only pre requisite being, you must pat it onto your skin instead of rubbing it, and hello beautiful skin! 

It’s suitable for the middle-aged women as well

  • it delays aging
  • stops inflammation 
  • the black current extract provides skin protection which helps resist from heat, sweat & humidity. 

Apart from this ladies, you’ll experience numerous benefits of using this skin care product. It helps avoid flaking and unlike other products, doesn’t have a strong irritable aroma and blends easily with the skin. 
What else would a girl look in for a skin care product? 

It is just Perfect! We recommend all the beautiful ladies to try it out, and experience the change for themselves! 


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