The Ovarian Delight!

Poet- Oohini Mukhopadhyay

Every morning I wake up to this world

Trying to look beyond the strained epoch

Taller than yesterday,

Burdened with my sexual yolk.


The way you gaze at me

Leaves me in agony

Mirroring me on the line of femininity,

Leaving me with a delusional infelicity.


It is more frustrating to see

There are more like me.

Trying to  bloom with the flowers,

Of the traditional garden,

Or at least assert their sense of identity.


The leaves keep on falling,

The wars keep on blazing,

Tired souls keep on struggling,

But I won’t keep on dreaming.


Today I reside in serenity

Because it is I who has allowed you

To look at me the way you do.

But I promise you, I shall rise in a jiffy,

The next time you discriminate against me.


Yes I am a woman,

And I will fly naked if I want to.

Corruption is within you

Why should I repress my soul

And restrict myself from the fresh dew?


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