Dogmaticism in the Inch Tape World

Author -Oohini Mukhopadhyay

Their is a horde of getting into the typed category of “slim–trim”, “size – 2, -3”; teenage girls and young adults have come to negotiate with some really unhealthy assessment, which is seriously disrupting the health ratio and causing extensive harm to the future generations.
In India there is a fad about slim, fair and make-up donned woman, which is quickly becoming a central idea with the girls of tender age groups, in order to conform to the “norm” desired for social acceptability. However it is very much essential to realize the nuance of cutting down on unhealthy diet and cutting down on diet.
The strive for attaining that, one body of that some, very rare lean model, leads the girls on this substantially harmful and dangerous road. Usually this motivation is hugely responsible for this irresponsible behavior towards the body, where the girls just believe in the face value of size and completely ignore the depth of it. It is that urge to get into the oldest jeans or skirt that makes them completely haywire, which in some cases even leads to starvation. Girls feel that it is best to starve and cut down on calories than to put in that extra effort i.e. of working out. The worst case scenario has even led to death which is rooted into several eating disorders.

Among these eating disorders, the most widespread, and psychologically affirmed cases are that of ‘Anorexia Nervosa’ and ‘Bulimia’. Both these disorders are gripping a lot of teenagers into their trap, who fall into the superficial world of thinness. The most appalling fact is that these are fatal disorders that fee on the psyche of the raw minds like parasites and make them completely unhinged.

Where in Anorexia Nervosa, girls intensely fear gaining weight and heavily limit their regular diets, converting the three daily meals to two of which only one might sometimes, actually be a proper diet. This seriously maltreats the body and can cause bone thinness or osteoporosis, deficiency of oxygen in the blood and multiple organ failure.

While in Bulimia there is a tendency of binge eating and then out of serious guilt purging by self induced vomiting and sometimes through capsules and pills and artificial purging tools which affects the gag reflexes and the teeth majorly.

In both the cases, despite the suggestions and warnings of the close people, the victim fails to withdraw herself from these disorders due to an uncontrollable leaning.

Then there are so many corrupting organizations that promote the cut down of the prodigious bodies in just a month or two by heating the fat artificially through various processes like liposuction or wearing the goddamn belts around the fatty portions! Well, the short term fancy that they are promoting can cause dire consequences like cancer. It is very important to get out of the clutches of these industries and be learn to perceive the gospel truth of a healthy vision of reducing only the extra calories. For the teenagers it is increasingly important to understand the metabolism of a human body and its needs. They need a serious conception correction that, they are depriving the growing body of true nourishment of oil, carbohydrates and fat that are essentially required for the proper development of muscles, bones and healthy functioning of the organs.

A proper diet plan with the consultation of a nutritionist can take these girls towards a brighter way of staying fit.
If there is really a requirement of losing weight, no other way than a good workout and sweating can justify it. Sweating is the best and most natural way of scissoring the inch tape, maybe through exercise, aerobics, dancing, cycling, brisk walking or yoga. Never ever exclude the daily nutrition. It is very essential to fulfil the thrice meal a day regime and also of taking healthy snacks in between the meals notion.

Effects of Bulimia

If there is actually something that needs a reduction, it is the consumption of unhealthy junk and trash that is served in the fancy junctions that cause several impediments. It might sound clichéd but truly home cooked food in trustworthy oil can be much more healthier and tasty.


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