The Inside Story to Shruti 2016 : Students Union IPCW Speaks! 

Authors: Maanvi Agarwal and Simrann Keshwanii
Photographer- Maanvi Agarwal

Come Fest season and all the back lanes, corridors, crossovers, parks, social media and cafés in and around University Of Delhi are buzzing with one BIG question – “Artist Kaunsa aa raha hai?”. The excitement goes up multifold if it’s a Girls college and the time to tamper your school time girl friends with incessant nagging for passes is here and now.

But, little do we know or hear about the tremendous amount of work happening behind the scene just to keep the show going. The constant missing classes, the brainstorming, the meetings, all the travel, the sleepless nights and umpteen emails are something on the Organising Committee’s minds, all day everyday!

But, look at them and you’ll know how to handle stress like a boss, and with grace.

We sat down with the Students’ Union of Indraprastha College For Women, University Of Delhi for an exclusive sneak peak into the Making of their Annual Fest- Shruti’16.

(And, if this doesn’t inspire you to go beyond the extra mile, God knows what will!)

1. Tell us about the backstory on the name of Indraprastha College for Women’s Annual Fest. Why Shruti?  

Shruti essentially means to listen and enjoy. Since Shruti is our cultural fest, we aim to make it as entertaining as possible and the word Shurti covers the gist of what we aim to bring to our annual cultural festival every year.
2. How is Shruti’16 going to be better & bigger than the previous ones? 

 Shruti has always been known for focusing more on cultural events rather than only the DJ/star night. So this year, we are back with a great event line-up which includes our dramatics society’s Chauraha and western dance society’s Whacky Feet. Apart from the regular events, we are also planning to bring forth a lot of other smaller activities such as treasure hunt, karaoke and more. 

3. Shruti’16 is placed in a time period where a lot of Fests are simultaneously happening. How do you feel that would impact the footfall?  We don’t think that would affect our footfall too much. Shruti’s events are famous throughout DU, so all those who know about and look forward to these events will surely turn up for them. 

4. What is the first thing sponsors tell you when they hear you’re from an all girls college? Tell us about the teething problems you faced, being a show entirely put up by Women. Do you feel that had put you in a backhanded position anyhow? 

 No, not really. We have never faced any problems as such when it comes to approaching sponsors. We think that in today’s date almost everyone knows that women are as proactive as men when it comes to things like these. So no, we’ve never felt that we have a backhand by being from a womens’ college. 

5. The essence of IPCW in one sentence. How has it impacted you as a person being part of the institution? 

“You can take the girl out of IP, but you can’t take IP out of the girl.” The values we learn in college, which are also reflected in our college motto – Truth Love Knowledge Service – are what we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.
6. What are the unique events you’ve introduced this year?

 As mentioned earlier, we are planning to introduce a lot of smaller events like treasure hunt, open-mic slam poetry session and karaoke session. 

7. People all around the University focus avidly on the Star Night due to the glitz attached to it. But, a lot actually goes into floating the other events which somehow get shadowed. Why do you feel this trend exists? 

This trend definitely exists in a lot of colleges. Colleges which are popular for their star night might not have events of that same standard. But at IP, we make sure we focus more on our cultural events, rather than focusing solely on our star night.
8. Talking about the Celebrity Night, what are we looking forward to on the big day? 
We are expecting the band Nasha to perform at our star night.
9. A shout out to the audience just before the show! 

Shruti 2016 is going to be amazing! if you miss it, it’s entirely your loss!  

Can’t get enough of Shruti 2016? Watch the curtain raiser here :

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