The Groghead, Headiness, brewed.

Author and photographer-Oohini Mukhopadhyay


Postured at a busy junction of the Aurobindo Market, Green Park, The Groghead is loud enough to be located from the main road. Born just 4 months back, the place is dynamic in the interiors and location with enough spaces to accommodate the herds and the birds. As much quirky as the name is, the menu trespasses even beyond!

Bar Nibbles and Sizzling Appetizers

Shrimp Shooters

Crispy fried shrimps in shot glasses with perfectly contrasted sriracha mayo, the ideal one to kick start your meal with. Crispy batter on the outside and complimentary soft and sweet prawn on the inside, transforms the dish as the common favourite of the sea food lovers.

BBQ Chicken Spears

The mini skewers grilled chicken, glazed with BBQ ranch, conventionally appeals to a sweet and tangy taste bud. Delicately grilled, and topped with olives renders it into a nice contrasting relationship and does not let your mouth become used to the taste if repeated.

Corny Jack

Corn and Jack cheese cake served with spicy fries complemented with roast pepper salsa. A mouthful of the corn and herb flour batter, juicy and flavoursome with powerful fries blows off the typical taste of a corn cake! A nice vegetarian starter which is light on the taste and for diet.

Rib Tickler 429

A marvelous dish, constituting of BBQ spareribs glazed with spiced port wine and BBQ blaze to add to the special smell and sauerkraut; delightful and absolutely fatty! Too good to be missed out. Nurtured in oil, and soaked in the tangy wine, this one takes the heads on lead with lumpy meat soaked in flavor and sauce.

From the other side of the bar


Naughty Babaji

Spiced Rum, muddled mint, lemon chunks, honeyed with an essence of Bishop’s Weed ( Pakhandi ke Goti). A drink, that cannot be gulped, it needs delicate handling with prior attention. It takes time to adjust forbthe taste buds because of a pungent smell of the star anise.

The Capitalist

Bourbon Whiskey base with a tinge of Earl Grey Tea, mixed with Grape juice, Glasco citron and mixed with the Bar spices, it totally defines and suits the bold taste and stays with you for a long time in synch with anything from the menu.

Mock tails


Watermelon, Basil, Lime crushed with ice and mixed in sparkling water; very sweet yet nothing that would astonish a drinker. Great to taste but stick to one time!


Green Apple base with ginger and mint crushed in lime juice and topped with ice chunks, comes across as a kin to mojito, but with a dominant ginger smack that would last for some time and then the drink would assume a mojito like character. A complementary drink, which can serve all purposes as a; refreshment, for change of taste, cutting the bland or settling with the spice. Goes with everything and anything!

The Big Grub

Aubergines Farcie

Aubergine steak stuffed with Ricotta and Scarmoza, served with cherry tomato ragout, complemented with chilly Garlic Toasts. A well plated divine vegetarian recipe which breaks stereotypes about Aubergines and makes the rendering totally noteworthy. Nicely teamed up with cottage cheese filling and Ricotta, giving a bite to the whole dish. It surely makes a mark as one of their signature dishes.

Rum and Cola Lamb Shank

Tender baby Lamb shank with rosemary and garlic, braised, served with house mash, grilled veggies and churned in rum and cola sauce. An outright, flavoursome dish with a wholesome meal satisfaction. All the individuals in the plate united with the rum and cola sauce create a great significance in outdoing all the other dishes in the menu.

The Sweet Tooth

Mojito on a plate?!?

Vanila ice cream, frozen and infused with white rum, with a lemon zest and fresh mint fragrance. Rolled on demerara sugar, the zesty orange glaze separates this desert from an ordinary ice cream cocktail. A strong bitter alternative to the sweetness with a slithery orange flavour. One of their best ones!

O!O!O! Orgasm on Order

Molten chocolate and peanut butter fondant, with a scoop of banana caramel ice cream within the fondant, and garnished with almond shillings. Naturally addictive and rich in constituents, very pleasing to end a meal with.

The Groghead is a hands-down;
4.5/5 in terms of taste;
the 0.5 goes out for the uniqueness, that most of the dishes are clubbed with an alcoholic aroma.

It may be a thumbs up for many however it should be more expansive in that way.


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