Storm Bar & Grill Review: Blown away!

Food Critics for the Day : Arindam Goswami and Oohini Mukhopadhyay


We recently went for a review of the ‘Storm Bar and Grill’ located in East of Kailash. Nothing special comes to mind from the name itself but when we got there, we found that the place had quite a few things to offer.

How to get there

While taking the metro, one has to get down at the Kailash Colony metro station on the violet line. From there it’s just a corner away, a few steps towards the F block and shining bright and clear in front of you would be the ‘Storm Bar and Grill.’

The entrance is appealing enough, the door being of thick wood and glass. The seating arrangements inside is composed of a mixed variety. On one side, they have classic wooden decor and on another side, there are thick and comfortable leather couches. Towards the inner area, separated by the bar, one finds the beautiful red velvet chairs which apper to be studded with diamond shaped glass. The walls are decorated with beautiful glass bottles in myriad colors. Quite a catchy look to say the least!

The Food

Raising a toast!

Pan Mojito (Highly Recommended)


The Paan Mojito stood out amongst the rest from the start. Talk about color and taste! The drink is refreshing and leaves a minty paan taste in your mouth which becomes a reason enough to take that second sip!

Orange and Basil Caprioska

This is a pretty decent drink. The orange and basil flavours add up intoxicatingly with the vodka and lime.


This combination of rum, chocolate, vanilla and coffee is a must try. Sweet and bitter, it’s a different experience for your taste buds!
LIIT Mania – Peach

Tequila, vodka, gin, rum, peach and sprite. The peach does not get to you so much as all the alcohol. An above average drink.

Coming to the food. A knack for presentation we must say!


Cigar Roll (Highly Recommended)

Smoked malted cheese and mushroom roll served with sweet chili sauce. Taste and presentation are both: wow! The rolls themselves are served in these beautiful shot glasses with the chilly sauce at the bottom. The sauce is simply a delight!


Fish Orly

A pretty common dish and they do it the much deserved justice. The fish fingers with the tartare sauce are great to taste.

Ginger chicken fingers

Chicken breast served in finger style marinated in ginger, lemon sauce chilli paste and garlic. Served with fried rice seed and hot cocktail sauce. Looks superb but tastes average.

Cocktail Barbeque Wings (Recommended)

Chicken wings marinated in BBQ sauce. You cannot mess up barbeque sauce and unlike most restaurants, this BBQ had a fresh flavour to it!
Dahi Ke Kebab

Deep fried kebabs with yogurt and mint sauce. A good combination but the sour taste of the yogurt stays in your mouth. An average rating for this one!

Jhumta Kukad

Chicken flavored with dark rum and cooked in charcoal. We had no idea what this was going to be and it turned out pretty good! Unique in name and taste!
Mutton Peshwari Khaas (Highly Recommeded)

Khaas it is! Mutton cooked in charcoal. Peshwai style. This was simply a delight to taste! The mutton is wonderfully soft and the sauce just rings right with the meat!
Paneer Lababdar


“Prepared in rich onion and tomato gravy”. Paneer is difficult to add taste to and they strung the right note with this one. Paneer lababdar is La jawabdar!

And then onto the desserts! This is where we meet  the highlights of the day!

Sizzling Brownie

Classic Brownie served in a sizzling platter with hot chocolate sauce. Nothing can beat a classic brownie!

Storm Signature Fried Ice Cream ( Just get this! Highly recommended)


This is the highlight of the day. The star of the stars! Cold ice cream encased in a hot  and crispy ball and served with honey and maple syrup. Absolutely delicious and supersurpiliscious! This is not just highly recommended, this is a MUST.

Overall a great experience. The hospitality was nice and the waiters were very attentive. A good ambience, great food, good drinks! Pick up a few friends and it’s going to be a great get-together meal! Just do not forget the fried ice cream!

To sum it up,

Serving and Hospitality- 5/5

Ambience- 4/5

Food- 4/5

Cost of a date for 2 : ₹1000+ 

Great place! Delightful Deserts!



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