Bollywood at its Best: The launch party of Bollywood Biistro, Punjabi Bagh!

Food Critics For The Day : Murchana Das (Reviewer), Harshita Hiya (Behind The Lens)

Prima Facie Thoughts 


When both of us were asked whether we can be present in the launch party of Bollywood Biistro, we readily agreed. We were excited and nervous. We have never been to Punjabi Bagh, so we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t even know the exact location of the restaurant and almost lost our ways. But at last, we reached our destination, which looked like a pre-gala event, or better, like a Filmfare after party!

A velvety Red carpet was laid, camera man was doing his job, and people were posing and getting their pictures clicked. The Launch Party set all eyeballs gazing and rolling with the charisma and enticing glitz of the Bollywood aura that was created. Well, when the walls say “Jaa Simran Jaa, Jee Le Zindagi.”, you know you’re at the right place! The Mecca for Bollywood buffs, we’d say.
Getting There 

Since we stay at GTB Nagar, we took the metro and changed the metro at Kashmere Gate. Another metro-change at Inderlok (the green line), and the next moment, you will find yourself at Punjabi Bagh. Hail an auto or a rickshaw to the restaurant.


The Bollywood Theatrics Kick In! 

The moment we entered, it felt like we were inside a film city. Picture frames of actors and their famous dialogues were hung on the walls and pillars. Shahenshah’s famous dialogue and his photo, 3 Idiots’ Virus and Chatur, DDLJ’s bauji, Anand’s Rajesh Khanna, PK’s Aamir Khan, Prem Chopra and many more larger-than-life stars and their enigmatic dialogues graced the décor of Bollywood Biistro.

White leather couches have been arranged to wine and dine, along with some ‘Villainous-looking’ chairs and tables (the one on which Mogambo used to sit! Can it get any more Desi?).

The music was loud and almost blasting with your favourite Punjabi Hits, Party Anthems and Remixes to set the mood going. The DJ did a phenomenal job, and this was one hell of a Tinsel Town Gala Night. It was impossible for us to get off the dance floor!
Hunger Bites? 


Hariyali Kebab

This kebab was in the shape of a perfect circle. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with flavours of coriander and many other spices. A good starter indeed.

Honey Chilli Potato

Delhi’s beloved party snack, served with Pints of Beer. This place is sure going to be the next hotspot for Celebrities to chill at.
Soya Chaap

This dish tasted almost like chicken. Beautifully spiced and balanced perfectly. It was moist, and not soggy. Have it with the mint chutney and your taste buds are pleased.

Chilli Paneer

Though common, Bollywood Biistro’s Chilli Paneer is one of the best. Not much sauce has been used here. The reddish-brown colour, found in every chilli paneer, is missing from this paneer which makes it appetizing, look-wise. We loved it for its experimental look!
Chilli Chicken

This Indo-Chinese dish is one of the most popular dishes found almost everywhere and anywhere. The dish was above average. No twist, no innovation. Just the regular thing we are used to. Sometimes simplicity works best, doesn’t it?

Fish Orly

This dish goes well with alcohols. This fish-fingers dish was well-battered, lightly fried and crispy. The minced fish inside was moist and well-cooked, which is very hard to accomplish. Have it with capers and mayonnaise, you will find it good.

Amritsari Fish

When we had the first bite, it almost tasted like the famous Bengali dish ‘Begun Bhaji’.  All the Bongs – Binge and rejoice!
Chicken Malai Tikka

Chicken Malai Tikka is also a regular dish served in every North-Indian restaurant. But Bollywood Biistro’s Malai Tikka takes the award. It was creamy, had a silky-smooth texture, and the chicken was perfectly cooked; neither rare, nor over-cooked. Rich, spicy and yummy! We’re bookmarking this for our next visit.

And now *drumroll* 

Chicken Seekh Kebab

Well-spiced, greatly done; this dish, with the tikka and chaap, was the best dish at the whole event. A mixture of light spices and freshness, this dish will surely be one of your favourite.

Booze, Don’t Snooze. 


A concoction of aerated drinks, mint and white rum, this drink is a blast of freshness. After you finish this drink, you forget all about your tired schedule and start grooving to the beats of the music.

Vodka with Sprite

Vodka in a glass, with sprite and ice. Classic.

Lastly, the ratings:

We give the ambience a 4/5 for fulfilling our Bollywood dreams. 

To the food, we give a 3.5/5 


Hot Tip : Having one of low days? Chin up, don’t let your Tiara fall and do the ramp walk directly inside the red carpet. This place is sure to treat you like an A-List celebrity! 







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