Pathway To You 

Poet – Priyanjana Das 

I would not fall in love with you, I would walk






Into the depths of your wide arms.


I would appropriately measure the depths of your eyes,

Such that it engulfs the complete me within.

I would unquestionably follow the trail of your footprints, 

As they show paradise.

I would anticipate the smile of acceptance,

Glide along the ends of those spiked hair to be caught red handed.

I would not hide the charms you have on me,

Intriguing looks of awe behold my gaze.

I would walk





Entranced. All the way to love.

Where dreams tickle the minds and seem so true.

Reality stifles its laughter,

Engrossed. Embodied.

Are thoughts within me,

Their purpose?

Admire thee.

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