Oscars 2016 : All you need to Know! 

Authors : Aziz Chikhly & Murchana Das

As a 12-year old kid, I used to have ‘severe’ stomach aches as an escape from school so that I could watch The Academy Awards, commonly known as The Oscars.

The aura of the whole ceremony attracted me towards it. This award-ceremony has created many histories; some tearfully funny and some extremely heart-touching.

Slumdog Millionaire’s big win in the Oscars filled me with pride, Jared Leto’s poignant speech dedicated to his mother made me overly emotional, Jennifer Lawrence’s fall from the stairs while she was going to receive her award and her bad-ass reaction to it made me want to be like her. This is what Oscars is about; creating moments for the actors and the audience.

With only a day left for the 88th Academy Awards, people are dying to know who is going to get it.

Which movie is going to be the best? Which actor, male and female, is going to win?

Which movie is going to win?

Will it be the corruption-rich The Big Short?

Maybe it is going to be Bridge of Spies- a movie set amidst the Cold War.


Or perhaps, the culturally diverse Brooklyn.

There is also the dystopian Mad Max: Fury Road.

And the sci-fi movie, The Martian.

We have also got Room, a movie about family and love in a twisted way.

Spotlight, which brings forward one of the most heinous social crime.

And the historically charged The Revenant.


Will it be Leo this time?

Or Bryan Cranston? *Walter White fans, biting their nails*

Matt Damon is a tough competitor as well.


Steve Job’s portrayal by Michael Fassbender makes it a tough call.

Eddie Redmayne, teach me how you did your make up in the movie, The Danish Girl.

Or Leo? Leo, Leo..


Ladies now..

Cate Blanchett can be the one.

Or Brie Larson.

Maybe Jennifer Lawrence?

Charlotte Rampling can also get it.
Saoirse Ronan, perhaps?

The 88th Academy Awards have been surrounded with many controversies. With the trend #OscarSoWhite, many coloured-skin actors have decided to boycott the 2016 Oscars. The 2016 Oscar nominees caused major drama after it was revealed in January that for the second year in a row, every single acting nominee was white.

Personally, I hope these controversies get chucked down so that we get a successful award ceremony. I would like to see every actors coming together for this event.

Let the best man/woman/film win.

In the end,

Leo, Please!




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