A Day in the Life of Shunya – Dramatics Society, Ramjas College, DU. 

We caught the makers of Mukhatib’16 behind the scenes, and this is what they’re up to all day! 
 1. The Beginning 

Welcome to the Adda where all big ideas are born. 

2. ..And then there was Brainstorming 

Burning backs in the Heavenly Eco Lawn! 

3. With a lot of Magic 


“I am Your Fairy God Mother!”

4. Then brimmed Love! 


“You can love me. You can hate me. But, you can not ignore me!”

5. Well, More Love  


The Society that travels together and works together, stays together! 

6. And they didn’t even know when they became Family. 


“We celebrate work.”

7. Well, har Family mein Problem hoti hai. 


Par woh khushnaseeb hai, jinki Family hai! 

8. That’s how they bounce back. 


“Our Messiah!”

9. Snooze Mode after Work. 


Benches turning Beds.. Those days! 

10.  It’s not over yet! 


A serious work related discussion done on colour co-ordinated chairs. They’re all about Drama, Really! 

11. Uplifting Each Other 

I’ll be there for you, ’cause you were there for me too! 

12. That’s Shunya for you. 


13.   Fitting in the Frame 


Roll sound, Camera, Selfie! 

14.  You know you love them when you share Food with them. 


 15. The End. 

Plays come and go. Work ends. The bond stays. 


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