HALA FEBRUARY KUWAIT! Get to know Kuwait on it National day & Liberation day.

By Joshita Bhasin & Aziz Chikhly


February is a one of the most beautiful months in Kuwait. The weather is superb and perfect for outdoor activities. This is one of the best time to spend more time outside and explore because there are so mang things to see and do; to observe and celebrate the cultures and traditions of Kuwait and participate in the most-awaited national holiday. From the beautiful street decorations up to the fresh spring flowers that adorns the landscapes of Kuwait, the whole K- town comes to life!

It is the month of the colorful festival “Hala February” highlighting the National & Liberation Day falling on February 25-26. During this time of the year there are a variety of activities and events taking place in Kuwait. From winter Bazaars, Light shows & concerts, Outdoor Markets, desert camps, cultural tours, concert parades, local community festivals and so on. There’s so much going on everywhere that your weekend is always packed with fun events.


The Kuwaity nationals are very patriotic in nature hence one can distinctively recognize the beginning of such a huge national festivity. All the bunglows are adorned with the country’s flag. During the whole month of February, the national pride is taken to an another level. From the Kuwait Towers, up to the smallest Bakalas (grocery stores), the Red, Green & Black color is all around. Small flags adorn the windows, doors, shops and even cars. Many shops and stalls are set up to sell decorations and costumes portraying the colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Most buildings have beautiful lightings and light shows that are quite a sight at night. It’s like buildings come to life in the evening! These arr one of the biggest attractions during this month.

If you love Architecture then you’re in for a treat; all the towers & Skyscrapers are adorned with beautiful lights and the next one is better than the first.

Since this post is about the National Day of Kuwait, let us shed some light and share with you some of the interesting facts about this wonderful tiny country.

These facts have made this dynamic country to be a popular expat destination in the Middle East and stand out because of its unique charm & spirit. Read on!

  • Until 1962, Kuwait celebrated its National Day on June 19, the anniversary of its independence, but in 1963 it changed it to February 25 to avoid the hot weather of June.
  • February 25 was the anniversary of Sheikh Abdullah becoming Emir of Kuwait in 1950.
  • February 26, 1991 was the day Iraq’s occupying forces were driven out of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves.
  • In 2006, Kuwait became the first country to introduce the sport of camel racing, with remote controlled robot jockeys.
  • When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 and named it the 19th Province of Iraq some dissidents called it “Wimbledon” which is SW19.
  • Kuwait is the only country in the world with no natural water supply from lakes or reservoirs but it did open its first grass golf course in 2005.
  • Eating, drinking, playing loud music and dancing during daylight hours in public are against the law in Kuwait during the month of Ramadan.
  • Kuwaiti Dinar (KD ) is the highest valued currency. (1KWD = 228 INR as on February 21st 2016)
  • On November 12 2012, Kuwait marked its Constitution’s 50th Anniversary with outraging fireworks.With the cost of nearly KD 4 million, featuring about 77,000 fireworks, they earned the place of “The largest fireworks display” in Guinness World Record. It was some neck cramping, Sky lighting, eye catching, fantabulous fireworks display.image
  • This year as a part of the HALA FEBRUARY celebration to mark the National & Liberation Day of Kuwait in 2016, Kuwait flighted its 2,000 meters National Flag- ( settimg a Guinness World Book Record by making the Longest Flag-February 9,2016).
  • Kuwait has 15,000* registered leisure boats (as of 2012)
  • Kuwait has the third highest density of millionaires in the world.
  • The Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah has been awarded with the title “The Global Humanitarian Leader”for his generous donations to war ridden and poor countries and people throughout the world.
  • The total population of the country has reached 4.202 million out of which 1.298 million are Kuwaiti citizens.
  • The largest supplier of goods and services for Kuwait is United States. Therefore, both countries have strong cooperative business.
  • By 2030, KUWAIT intends on becoming the food capital of the world. So all you foodies are in for a delight!
  • There are 8,00,000+ Indians residing in Kuwait as of 2015 year end census which is almost the population of Chandigarh.

Kuwait has come far off and has advanced massively in comparison to the Kuwait that Akshay Kumar has been shown living in the movie, ‘Airlift’.

We hope to have changed your perspective on and about Kuwait and acknowledged on how this country serves as a source of income and living to a lot of Indians while providing them with the best of the best standards of living.

We wish Kuwait a very Happy and prosperous National & Liberation Day and a big THANK YOU on behalf of all the Indians living in Kuwait.




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