Interview : Aashna Malani, Against The Odds! 

Some women do beat all odds. 

Some women are born to endure conundrum, and rise like a Phoenix. 

We have in conversation with us, the very young and beautiful – Aashna Malani, who is not only a coveted name among Instagrammers, but a revered feminist, a bold and courageous woman who, currently with her legion of 75k followers on social media handles, is taking the fashion world by storm. 


1. Talking about Blogging, it is something that has taken the country by storm. To showcase your life amid public eye, and to have all your actions scrutinised by gossip dailies and even the most minutiae of events being blown up and made a news piece must have had a profound impact on you as a person. What do you have to say to that?
Blogging has become quite a lucrative hobby, even a job for some. Watching many bloggers become successful, independent idols, a lot of people have started their own blogs hoping to achieve the same.

Even when I started blogging, I knew what I had signed for. I have always been one of those “popular girls” that everyone thinks is full of attitude and who everyone knows about. Never did I leave the spotlight. Now when I was younger, it was almost nerve-wrecking for me. I couldn’t take the stares, the gossips, the rumours. But you know what?

 I learnt that I was so exciting that people had to talk about me, haha! Now while it killed me from inside to hear some of the rumours, it also made me stronger. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Amongst it all, my parents were always there to support me, to push me to cross another threshold or two, to bring out the true me.

Honestly, I’ve always been an extrovert girl, but having my every move scrutinised by the people around me wasn’t much fun. A lot of the things are meant to be personal, whether they are friendships, relationships or anything as such. 

Making them public isn’t my idea of personal. But it did happen. People did blabber, people did share, people did break my trust time and again just to be the cool one. It broke me but I tried surviving and I did.

Now, today, I am here. Having carved out a niche for myself, having a life of my own, being the boss of my own life, I am here. Who do you think gained the most?
2. How did you begin blogging? Who was your inspiration & your stick for support through your journey?

I started writing for Hindustan Times, Lifestyle section last year and that was one of the turning points for me. Now I’ve always loved writing, being creative, thinking out-of-the-box but my experience there taught me to be more original, more open to new ideas and suggestions. Being a Humanities student, all this comes naturally to me.

After HT, I started my own store in August, 2015 called ‘Style Silhouette’ which gained a massive response! It grew so well that now we have a whole team looking after the work.

This pushed me to pursue Blogging. I’d always been fond of all the work involved, I’d just never got a direction. Then I found all these amazing and not -so-amazing (oops!) bloggers and thought just like any other girl would, “Why not try this?” and that’s how it all started.
One of my first inspirations in the Blogger world would be The Snob Journal, my name buddy, Aashna! I enjoyed all her posts, still do. Her posts are classy and subtle.

In the real world, would be my mother. She taught me to differentiate between 20 shades of the same colour (damn, no?). She’s topped India in academics and topped among her knowns as a fashionista. Whatever I have learnt, I’ve learnt from her. 

From style to personality, this lady has shaped it all for me. One hell of strong person, she’s given birth to my bold self. Whatever I am, wherever I am, is all thanks to her. I love her but I can never emphasize upon it enough, what she is to me. 

 3. Social media comes with its price. In a world where competitors and haters spew constant negativity, how do you keep calm & Carry on?
 As I mentioned earlier, I know what I signed up for. To all the fame and the popularity, there’s always a price one has to pay. People will sit in their pyjamas, eat popcorn and judge you but that isn’t the end of the world! We are social animals. We feed on other’s lives and make ourselves feel better. We all do that, don’t we? 
But there’s always a limit to how much one can take. Whenever I felt that that limit has been crossed, I’ve gone into my shell. 

(Yes, I’ve a shell, just like my pet turtle ‘Donut’ does )

 Anyway, as I was saying, I stay in that shell till I’m calm again. No phone, no tablet, no laptop, no people. Just Me. Just My World. Whenever I feel better, I begin again like nothing ever happened. It keeps me calm and helps me carry on with my busy life.

4. We won’t lie here – we’ve stalked your Instagram (guilty as charged!) and as much as we’re awestruck and drooling, we’d like to know about your wellness & make up routine!

People who know me well will know what I’am going to say next for sure. 

I do NOTHING. I get up, I get ready, I leave, I come back, I sleep.

 The only kind of exercise I get is when I’m talking on the phone and I have this obsessive need to walk around. Or when I’m going from one place to the other. Besides that, I don’t do anything. Luckily, I have a fast metabolism which keeps me thin and in shape all year round. 

I am such a lazy bum, aye!

My make-up routine is quite simple and strict.

Strict because whatever is applied to the face in the morning is taken off at night positively. I never sleep with make-up on. Another thing I’ve learnt from my Maa!


Simple because I hardly apply anything daily. Just moisturiser, eyeliner, lip balm and that’s it. During shoots or events, I’m a different person all together with all that make-up and glam!
5. Has your staggering height been a positive in your career?

 Oh yes, definitely! Being 5’10” isn’t common and it catches everyone’s eyes. I’ve always stood apart and this was just like a cherry on the top. Up till 11th, I was 5’6″ and in 12th, I grew like 3-4 inches. Ever since then, people always check to see if or not I’m wearing heels, they’re always asking my height and many-a-times, asking for my height, hahaha! It’s crazy.
I got very shy in the beginning, like very very VERY shy. But then thanks to my closest friends and family, I realised that it was nothing to be embarrassed about but something to be proud about! Both my parents are tall, mom is 5’5″ and dad is 6″ and now I am carrying on their legacy. 

Not shy anymore, I’m proud of my height. Ever since I’ve felt this way, I’ve shared the same vibes with the people around me.

 6. Are you currently dating someone, or there’s still hope for the thousands of die hard fans you’ve made?

Not dating anyone but I’m definitely married to my work!
7. Your idea of sexy is?
 Any girl or boy comfortable in their own skin! I love bold.

8. One advice for your audience?

To be yourself. Look where that’s got me!

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