Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon by Shunya : A squabble of concerns

          Author : Oohini Mukhopadhyay


Delux Hair Cutting Salon, a play by Shunya, the dramatics society of Ramjas College, Delhi University hovers around a serious concern of recognizing the insight and understanding serious, deep realities. 

The human tendency to read things by the face value and framing deceptive stories is the subject of attack. 

Voyeurism, as is in the blood of Indians, cannot be easily filtered hence the play surrounds greatly around the same pricking the conscience and using the shared values in the society.

Written by Sandeep Shikhar, the play overtakes a plethora of matter that hijack the simplistic approach towards life. Using the ‘Salon’ as a hyperbolic trope for a collective identity where one does not leave a scope to disgrace even the minutest fashion that goes beyond one’s understanding, proves to be extremely successful and appropriate.  

Stoning and lashing of thoughts with a pure one dimensional bias in all aspects of life, be it politics, fundamental moralistic behaviours, fashion trends or the most typical and intrinsic to an Indian- sports and movies.

The play raises problematic questions that are not identified in the ongoing standards of interpreting conversations and issues and directly cuts the polished frivolous and frail judgments. 

The salon shares space with Ambe Motors, A motor mechanic workstation and the Das Pathological Lab incorporating a wide variety of interpersonal debates and comments on the ambiguity of continuous deliberation.

 The owner of the Salon, Bachan, is an epitome of cross talk and assumes a non-passive echo and constantly provides a foil to the residents. Engaging with the residents continually in verbal thwarting the owner maintains the poignancy of a steaming counter argument to help engage the audience in a multi-dimensional retrospection.

Directed by: Shobhit Bhatia and Dewang Mulani

Sound Design and Execution by: Shrishti Chakraborti

Lights Design and Execution by: Dewand Mulani

Production Team: Aishwarys Sharma, Salonee Sharma, Deepak Singh


Bachan– Shobhit Bhatia

Binay Da and Bablu Pandey: Jayant Chand

Sanjay and Raju: Shubham Vaish

Bapi and Salesman: Kumar Abhimanyu

Dilip: Kritarth Sethi

Das Babu and Pancha : Soumik Roy 
Special Mentions:

Inter college Spots-

St. Stephens- Best Play: Deluxe Hair Cutting  Saloon, Best Actor: Jayant Chand, Special Mentions: Shubham Vaish

Gargi- Best Play, Best Production, Best Actor( Entire Cast)

Celebrated at-

The Old World Theatre Festival, 2016, at India Habitat Center



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  1. Deepansha garg says:

    Yes, its a very commendable play. A must watch. 🙂


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