Date for Two? Head to Hudson Café,North Campus! 

 Food Critics for the Day : Aastha Dayal and Subhalaxmi Borah 

The Hudson Café : Prima Facie Thoughts 


Going out to a restaurant, we all have some apprehensions related to the food, ambience, place, affordability and the service. 

Even if one of these is not met, our expectation of a nice time can in seconds turn into a sour experience. Today we at Born of a Million Thoughts have tried and tasted one of the most known restaurants of Delhi, especially for our readers to ensure a great experience for them. 


Getting There : Simple & Easy!

 Located in the north campus, The hudson campus is very well connected and approachable. To reach The Hudson Café, we took the metro till GTB nagar, on the yellow line, from where the restaurant is hardly a five minutes walk. 

Ambience and Service : Welcoming and quirky!

After the approachability and location of the restaurant it’s really important for any of us to be sure that the ambience and service of the restaurant is great because no matter how great the food maybe, khaane mein chaar chand toh yehi lagati hai. 

The ambience of The Hudson Café is very well thought of and suits the target customers, University students.  Located in the heart of the North Campus and the youth hub of Delhi, the restaurant is always throbbing with people.

 Although the restaurant is smaller in comparison to a lot of other restaurants of the same level of popularity, it still manages to beat most in Decor. The first thought that comes into anyone’s mind when we enter the restaurant is- Magnificent! And the mere look of a soothing place is all you need after your dog days at college. 

All the chandeliers, mirrors everywhere, an old map covering an entire wall makes you feel like a part of a fairytale movie. If this wasn’t enough, the service and staff of the restaurant only contribute more to it’s beauty. 

From the moment we entered to the time we left, there was not even once that I had to wait for someone to take my order or sit anxiously for the food because everyone was so attentive and fast. 

So finally coming down to the best part, FOOD! (Prepare yourself for salivating) 

We first started our amazing food, taste buds massaging journey with some amazing beverages :-

Brownie cookie shake 


It was so smooth yet thick that we started feeling full just after having this. A bit too sweet but you won’t complain after having this. 

Malted chocolate shake

 A very light shake with less sweetness, this was as amazing as the former 
Mint pitcher- This being a mix of sweet, salty and sour made us feel as fresh as ever. 

Starters, for a good start!


Cheese cigars with thai chilli sauce

 A deceptive looking dish which turns out to be very tasty in the mouth with all the cheese and oregano melting in your mouth. 

Cheese and tomato salsa nachos

An amazing twist to the old boring nachos and leaving you craving for more. 

Veg Dimsums

 Although momos have become a very common dish for us Delhites but rarely do we find wheat Dimsums served with a very tangy and sweet sauce. 


Main course- The scrumptious filler is here! 

White sauce Mushroom pasta served with fresh baked garlic bread

This was one of the best white sauce pastas I have had in a long time for it was so creamy and thick that you couldn’t resist. 

Veg Peri Peri Pizza 

Although we expected the Pizza to be too spicy but it came as a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be tangy and sour more than spicy. 


Mushroom stroganoff

 Usually a non-vegetarian dish, we were amazed to be served the stroganoff with a twist. The chicken or beef was replaced by mushroom and it tasted better than the original. 

Pav Bhaji

An unusual thing to offer at such a western restaurant but we still could not help but all out enjoy the Desi spices and a usual dish. 


Deserts- The icing on the top! 

Strawberry chocolate waffle

 A very crunchy and tasty waffle with dark chocolate and strawberry syrup on top is all you need after all the spices, saltiness and all. 


Chocolate ice cream Sundae

The quantity of this desert was so much that I and my friends could not finish it but our greediness made us anyway. 


Here’s our check list for the place! 

Ambience – 5/5 

Service – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Cost for a cozy date for 2 – ₹500


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