When you want to Fall in Love with Food all over again, head to Gastronomica, GK! 

Meet our panel of Food Critics for the day : Oohini Mukhopadhyay (Editor), Murchana Das (Reviewer), Subhalaxmi Borah (Photographer) 
                                                                                               Gastronomica  Kitchen & Bar : Prima Facie Thoughts 

Far away from the hustle of South Campus, Gastronomica is located in Greater Kailash (M-55). As the name suggests, Gastronomica works for the love of good food. No compromise. As simple as that.

How to reach there:

A metro ride to Kailash Colony, then a rickshaw ride to the M-block. You need to walk a bit from the entrance of the block to get there. It’s good though. A little exercise is required before chugging down good food.

The moment one enters the place (which is in the first floor), they almost find themselves grooving to the electro-pop music playing in the background; neither too loud, nor too quiet.

The place is expansive, plush leather couches and tables are placed as seating and dining arrangements, with chairs high and low. The interior is mostly in blacks and greys. The balcony seating is a cosy one, with potted plants working as embellishments (cute!). 

 It also works as a smoking area (smokers wanting to take a drag badly, chill..)


The wooden flooring, with dates written on each panel, takes you to the wine refineries of Germany where every casket of wine has a date of production written on them. The instalments on one of the walls are made by broken wine bottles. Wine glass imprints can also be seen in the walls. From these, we assumed that this place is owned by a hardcore alcohol lover. And we were true.

We were asked to take our seats. The owner, Sumit Goyal, came personally to meet us. He is a friendly person, with great passion for food, an immense knowledge about different cuisines, and a huge interest in alcohol. He chatted with us, while the food was being prepared. The service is quite fast. It took about 15 minutes to bring out the first dish. He recommended some of the best courses his restaurant had to offer.

Let us get down to we had (appetizers and main course) 




Red Wine Poached Pear Salad

Salad lovers waiting to break off from the average dry green leaves, you are going to love this. The fresh greens, the perfectly poached pears, topped with crunchy walnuts, cherry tomatoes and shredded parmesan with lots of the amazing dressing makes this a top-notch salad. Neither soggy, nor dry. Just perfect.

Quinoa Bhel

A healthy take on our favourite snack Bhelpuri, Quinoa Bhel is every calorie counters dream come true. 

With fresh and healthy products like Asparagus, Broccoli and yellow bell peppers, the first bite makes you forget all about the normal bhelpuri and you feel like licking the plate till nothing remains. The right amount of sour, the right amount of kick. And served to you in the shape of a cup.

Peri Peri Chicken Tikka

We have had our portions of chicken tikka, and let us tell you, this is the best chicken tikka we have ever had (Hands down). It is served in a black plate with spiced onions, tomatoes, a slice of lime, with tiny bowls of green chutney and cocktail sauce, with a drizzle of the yummy peri peri sauce on top. And the moistness! 

Peri Peri Chicken Tikka, We love you.
Kadak Papad Tikka

This is a twist to the normal vegetarian tikka. This tikka is served in the same manner as the peri peri chicken tikka. It is in the shape of a burger patty, which is coated with coarsely ground papads. Add a dash of lime, just perfect.

Drums of Heaven

This is Gastronomica’s take on the common Drums of Heaven served in every other restaurant. The infusion of thai basil in the sauce makes it one of the best dishes of Gastronomica. There is a whole complexity of flavours going on in this dish which makes it so difficult to replicate and so much yum. You can feel the chicken saying that it is happy to have died because of this.

Wasabi Chicken Sliders

Wasabi and burgers. Two different concepts. 

But Gastronomica does it again. They have taken two different flavours, one oriental and one western, and have blended this beautifully. Succulent chicken, wasabi and LOTS of cheese placed between two pieces of a bun. And French fries on the side to finish it off. Buttery, cheesy love. Nothing gets better than this.


This is a thin crust pizza, loaded with lots of homemade sauce and mozzarella cheese. Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus and olives give it a nice crunch. SO MUCH CHEESE. And so very fresh. Good, better, best.

Juicy Pork Bao

This is basically a dumpling with juicy pork filling. This dish is not easy to make. Most of the restaurants do not include this in their menu because of the difficulties in creating this. This is served to you in a bamboo basket. We found the dish a bit dry though.

Now, a piece of goodness. 

Ferrero Rocher Gulab Jamun (highly recommended)

Gastronomica. You be the best. Thank you for giving us salivating goals! 

 Gulab Jamun and Ferrero Rocher, with lots of molten chocolate and garnished with caramelized walnuts to give it a hazelnut taste. A little ball of heaven. Need we say more?

Now the drinks. Warning : Booze lovers may rush to Gastronomica after this! 

Pan and Gulkand Mojito

Who would need pan when you have this? A concoction of freshly chopped pan, gulkand and white rum. And a pan leaf to top it off. It is more like pan in a glass. Amazing.


Long Island Iced Tea

This is everyone’s favourite. A great way to get drunk easily. Wait until you have Gastronomica’s LIIT. This is served to you in a long thin glass, with the taste of freshly brewed tea. 

Orange and Kaffir Lime Caprioska

The freshest cocktail we have ever had. With chunks of oranges and kaffir lime leaves, this takes you to a fine Sunday morning, where you spend your day in your lawn swing. This drink has vodka as its base. We love vodka. Nothing can defeat this.


Everything served to us were fresh and organic. The waiters were warm and cordial. They knew what they were presenting before us. The owner was a good conversationalist. He meets most of his customers personally and gets to know their likes and dislikes in food. This restaurant is not even a year old, but Sumit says that they have been getting a great response. He is thankful to his chefs for co-ordinating with him and creating dishes which he wants to put forward in the menu.


In the end,

We give the ambience a 4.5/5

We give the service a 5/5

And the food is of course a 5/5. No doubt about it.

If you want a fusion of flavours in your plate, this is the right place for you.

And a definite must for all the wine lovers.

         ‘Written on a wall of Gastronomica, “In Vino Veritas”- In wine, there is truth.’













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