What Goes into Making a Great Fest? Nitasha Dabas, President, Miranda House speaks! 

Come new year, and University of Delhi is abuzz with Fests. Fest season is undoubtedly the best part of college life with the crazy fandom, the competition, the commercial acumen, the organisational skills, and the celebrities! 
How often do you see a Bollywood giant in the helms of your college? Well, Fests fulfill all your star dreams. Behind all this glitz and glamour, lies great turmoil and tremendous planning, execution and teamwork.
In this exclusive piece, we have Nitasha Dabas, President of the Students’ Union, Miranda House, University of Delhi  spill the beans on what made Tempest’16, the Annual Fest for Miranda House, truly create a tempestuous current and set the mood brimming! 

In this 3 day extravaganza from 18th-20th February, 2016, Miranda House saw a lot of new blood battle it out in the events and ex-students from Miranda, Shakti Mohan & Neeti Mohan, being a dancer-turned-actor & playback singer respectively, graced their alma-mater with a pocket packed performance! 


Here’s Nitasha letting it all out on Miranda’s journey to the Tempest! 
1. Pulling off a fest, comes with gargantuan responsibilities & a hell lot of headache (we’re assuming!). How did Tempest’16 treat you? 

True that. 

It’s not easy to pull off a DU fest, specially when it comes to the annual fest of Miranda House which is looked up to every year by the entire  University. It’s a huge responsibility but when you prepare yourself strongly to face all the obstacles and work for the students and the college, it’s no more a headache. Infact, it becomes fun. 

Tempest’16 will always remain an unforgettable phase of my life where I learnt something that can never be learnt elsewhere in this world. Though, there were difficulties but at the end I feel it was all worth it.

2. When did the planning begin?

Well, the planning began from the very first day our Union was elected. But then, planning is not sufficient. We got busy with other activities, but were working on Tempest sideways. The full fledged preparations started from October end. 


3. Your worst experience with sponsors would be?

There was no worst experience as such. Each phase, whether difficult or easy, taught us something or the other.

4. Your most cherished moment while putting together political, commercial & creative acumen of so many students together?

 I’m going to cherish all my time which I got to spend with my teams and my little juniors. Each moment was so precious for me. We’ve worked together all day and night. The students were so dedicated and hard working, they actually helped me to stay strong throughout. I feel blessed that I got to work with these people, especially my talented juniors.


5. What made Tempest stand out?

Tempest brings with it a storm full of zest and enthusiasm. Every year, Tempest proves that money doesn’t make a show successful, it’s the constant hardwork, dedication and excellent managing skills which help a show stand out from the routine ones. 
Rather than wasting too much of money into these shows, we should actually utilise a major part of it in some more productive activity which is more beneficial for the students, which is morally and ethically more correct. 


6. The spirit and essence of Miranda House summed up in a sentence would be?

The spirit and essence of Miranda House lies in the fact that all the brainstorming and execution is done by women, who manage to come out as winners in every task.

7. A shout out to the audience for the success of the show!

Thank you so much everyone for making the storm so tempestous this time and helping it to emerge as a big hit. And keep waiting for next year’s show!

8. Your feelings as a team just before & after the show.

There was no major change in my feelings as a team. Just before the fest, as well as just after the fest, I was only and only proud of my team.
The fest sometimes tested our patience and capability but the team managed to survive amongst all odds. The team only became stronger and even more united. 


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