Arson in the name of Reservation – Some Questions raised. 

Author : Namita Unnmuktaa 


The disruptions have caused a loss of 200 Crore to the railways due to the Jaat quota stir recently in Haryana. 

How far does one think it is valid? Is this issue used as a weapon by politicians to gather more votes? Is the reservation system hindering the progress of the nation? Is it making productivity low and demeaning the quality? Should the underprivileged communities be barred from enjoying any special exemption or advantage?

 If yes, who should be considered underprivileged and who not? Which body of government would unbiasedly decide who to should reservations be given? Is reservation system proving the ‘Skilled India’ a failure? Is the generic nature of reservation limiting people to stick to old silhouettes of identity demarcation based on birth, caste and community? Have we really been able to do away with the caste system? The demarcation of people on the basis of their birth, caste and community, isn’t it what reservations is all about. If you belong to a particular caste/community/tribe, you are accountable to all government bodies even how less marks or skills you own.

How far is the tag necessary? Is India, the country with highest youth potential so weak that the future is obscure even to its own citizens that they need to secure seats for themselves by begging for reservations? Has the nation failed to ensure safe future to its youth? Is reservation or no job security, cause for India’s brain drain?

 Are we failing to provide and ensure our youth a safe future? Isn’t it the education system, the root cause of all rampages, which is continually failing in enlightening minds and empowering humans as unyielding-withstanding-independent individuals?

Tell us your views on the whole reservation rampage, as YOUR VIEWS MATTER. Use your right to speech and think. Write to us, we will let the world know how far is human wit stimulating?

Opening gates to Political Poetry. Tinker your thoughts and text us. The world awaits your voice!


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