Why Work an Internship? 

Author- Anvita Bhandari


Internships are the whiff of the season for college students. Are they really worth the effort, because obviously some internships suck the life out of you. Researching all day and night you feel like mess by the end of it. But for some, its nothing more than a show off over social media, to make people feel horrible about their lives.



An internship gives you the opportunity to increase your network, expand your professional branding, and having probably one or two personal ambassadors that would be glad to help you when you need them. The people you meet at your internship are potential networking contacts.


It’s natural and obvious that if you have more experience, you will have a better CV. Having an internship experience might give you a story to tell beyond having spent your university life studying. To be frank, beyond a point, CV matters much more than your mark sheet.

Job Aspects


Fall internships, summer internships, semester internships, or quarterly internships, doing any internship program means you have an ongoing pipeline of future employers and references. If you perform good, they’re obviously going to consider you for a job as soon as you graduate.


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