Happily Ever After..(Inspired by mom)

Poet – Priyanjana Das 

She blushed, smiled and began

I don’t know if I were the happiest woman on earth



Because I most certainly was!

The mirror said it all.

Oh no! Not the red saree!

Although it draped flawlessly on my shoulder, peeking from the other side.

I remember nibbling at the golden border

I seemed to spread endlessly, eternally…

Not the white mukut!

It was pinned too hard in place

It didn’t pain. Not that day.

Jewellery? It is never enough!

I had already reserved those earrings for my daughter.

The kumkum?


“It tickled my forehead”, she smiled

Red and white, lining the jolly curves of my eyebrows

Trying to match up the light in my eyes.

Not the paan paata either!

I’m sure it couldn’t hide my anticipation the part them,

The pidi

Raised me to the altar gracefully, priceless, but still not the happiest

“Then?” I asked,

She smiled at the carpet “you”

Although it did not seem to be the “me” beside her..



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