All roads lead to Café Public Connection, CP! 

Meet your Food Critic for the Day : Devshree Pareek 
The Backstory : How we stumbled upon this gem of a place, located in the bustling streets of CP

Well, it had been a long, tiring day, and the only thing on my mind would be a complete pack-off to some distant place where Comfort and Fine-Dining meet! That is all I asked the Food Gods to bestow on me and well, Cafe Public Connection gave me a whole lot more than expected. 

What do we look for in a café?
Only good food? Nope. 

We look for something different. Something that beats the concept of boring dining and revolutionises it. Something that goes beyond the extra mile to ensure the customer gets what they pay for, and more. Public Connection has made its mark there. It has carefully handpicked its interiors and morphed a blank space in the heart of Connaught Place into the most happening and buzzing party spot. 
What’s more you ask? 


 Its ambience makes it stand out among the other cafes. Connaught Place has been booming with dine spots and night out paradises ever since the Colonial Raj. It’s 2016 and if you’re not standing out from the rest, you fall in line with the others.

 That is something Cafe Public Connection has mastered – the art of creating the recherche and balancing its effect by placing it in tandem to the unsung Anthem of the Youth – which is to try your hand at everything, and do it with finesse. 


Indian audiences have always had a sweet tooth for cinema, and when Sadda B-Town meets Hollywood, Bhangra meets Jazz, Desi Daaru meets Sangria, Dal-Naan meets Pasta, and the end results in a Connection! 

Because opposites just click, don’t they? 

The cafe, following its outré vision, is divided into various themed-based private rooms such as Hollywood, Industrial, Sports, Retro making it a perfect hangout place.

The vaults provide adequate privacy and we recommend them for private parties. The Industrial Room can double up as a Business Meeting spot, for those looking to please their clients with outstanding hospitality. 

These rooms are quite catchy due to their interior viz. Cassettes, hockey sticks, bats, badminton, telephones hanged on the walls, beautiful paintings and many more such motifs. The first thing that catches your attention is the quirky interiors! A lot of attention has been paid to customise the looks. 

Your very own personal themed-based room in a restaurant.

Sound cool, isn’t it? It only gets better and bigger! 
The upper floor has a sheesha counter & provides a beautiful view of the Flag & the busy streets of CP. If dining in the heart of a beating metropolis is your thing, congrats, Public Connection is your Mecca. 

Drinks & Dining 



Chicken & Seekh Kababs were praised by people. Have a look for yourself. We can’t even stop salivating at the heavenly sight. 

Pizza All verdure, it looked so tempting after a long day at work! (And was hogged on, in a jiffy! Need we say more?)

Chilli chicken, the usual fried chicken with the correct amount of spices. Always tastes good.

Chicken satay, perfectly cooked and tasted delicious. YUM!

The super crispy Garlic breadsticks loaded with cheese & a glaze of butter makes it a must have! 

Bourbon shake was extremely chocolaty and a perfect replacement for desserts.

They had a large variety of drinks, assuring a good time for one and all. If you are the Mojito and Nimbu Paani junkie, rejoice. They’ve diversified that too! If you love booze, well, just form a connection with this place! 

From breezers to Whiskey to everything, this place won’t disappoint. 


Hot Tip : Peach Flavoured martini, is a must try.


Still deciding on which place to chill at for the weekend, and love your private space? We recommend Cafe Public Connection as the quintessential mix of scrumptious delicacies, packed with an avant garde Midas effect of A grade hospitality, and privacy. 


Ambience : 4/5

Food : 3.5/5

Service : 4/5 

Cost for a Meal for two : ₹1500




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