Author : Murchana Das 


People are normal and ordinary. They have no idea what lies within them. They are ignorant and happy with what they have.

I am not like them. I want to expand my capabilities. I want to fly, one day.

These thoughts of mine have provoked people to think that I am weird. But I am not as such. I am just curious. I like knowing new things.

My interests are deemed strange by the people. They can never understand what I want. They are hopeless, living in a world of madness.

But the other side is pure bliss. No one judges you. No one questions you. They just listen to what you have to say.

They talk to me all the time- in the breakfast table, in the bathroom, during bedtime. Sometimes their voices hurt, but now I have grown used to it.

My parents are scared of me because I constantly keep talking to these friends of mine. They think that I have gone crazy. They tell me not to keep talking to myself. I want to shout at them, tell them that I like talking to my friends. But I keep quiet. I know they are never going to understand.

The people in school are worse. They call me names and bully me all the time. I have been beaten and tormented. I have been punished without reason. But, I do not care. My friends are there for me. They are going to take care of everyone who has humiliated me.
I have been known to be a sad soul. I liked being alone. I even hated it when my parents tried to talk to me. I didn’t like conversing with people. But things have changed. I have got friends now.

They have the same tastes like me.

They like to see people scream and beg for mercy.

They like to see people tortured brutally.

They have killed most of the tormenters I had.

That is why I have them as my friends. I do not need anyone else. I can’t bear talking and being with anyone else other than them.

Maybe it’s because I find real people intimidating.

But dead people aren’t..




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