An Open Letter to the DDLJ Haters

To all the DDLJ haters,

Why do you insist on hating a cult classic? Two decades ago, Bollywood was blessed with a masterpiece and even today, it continues to be the heart and soul of all the romantic movies. DDLJ set the bar of romance in Bollywood so high, that no movie has yet been able to surpass it. It touched so many lives. The dialogues have become a part of our daily lives. (Isn’t it, Senorita?) People named their children after their most beloved characters. (Are you sniggering, Simran?) Twenty years later, people still skip a heartbeat when Raj gets on the train while Baabuji is unwilling to let Simran go. Twenty years later, people still breathe a sigh of relief, when Simran finally gets her Raj.


If you sit to critically analyze the movie, you’ll realize the plot has many flaws. But then again, which Bollywood movie is perfect? I mean, even Sholay had so many errors!

DDLJ has the perfectly imperfect mix of everything; from romance to feminism, Aditya Chopra managed to cover it all, twenty years ago!

The mother (Farida Jalal) was hell bent on giving Simran her chance to thrive in life. To find true love and happiness. She made sure she did whatever best she could, even if that meant bundling up all of her 12 gold bangles and silly dangling earrings, to help Simran get what she desired.

Chutki, on the other hand, was portrayed as the smartest character in the entire film. She not only had bookish knowledge but like an old soul, understood the matters and complications of the heart and wasn’t scared to voice out her opinion, no matter how much it opposed her father’s. Even Preeti (Mandira Bedi) was given the choice to choose her own groom!

Somewhere, every 20 something girl of my generation, has dreamt of a guy who would cross oceans just for her. We come from a time, where at 18, we couldn’t even fix our eyeliners properly, let alone, go for a Euro trip and find true love. But DDLJ gave us that little ray of hope that maybe, just maybe if we’re lucky enough, we’ll have a Raj waiting for us.  Even people who don’t believe in the concept of love, watch this movie over and over again.


Raj doesn’t need Simran. Simran doesn’t need Raj. And yet, when together, the chemistry they show, it not only sizzles the screen and puts even the boldest sex scenes to shame, it ignites a fire in our hearts. A fire of hope. A fire of desire. A fire to dream. A fire that we hope turns into a flambeau and guides us to our true love. And it makes us believe that, kahin na kahin, harr Simran ke liye, koi Raj zaroor hai.

With lots of chhoti chhoti baatien,

A DDLJ lover.

– Joshita Bhasin 

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