8 Kinds of people you’ll run into, at a high school reunion

Author- Joshita Bhasin

High school is a magical time. And whoever tells you otherwise is downright lying. Back in the day when I was in high school, our friendships flourished over tuition and MSN messengers. That’s where our groups were formed and secrets were revealed and believe it or not, we had to spend money to SMS people! Yes. That is true. And no, I’m not a dying old grandmother living in an old age home. I am, in fact, just in my 20s.
I’m just going to let that sink in for a while for you now… breathe.

As school ended, we all vowed to keep in touch and keep this ship sailing. With a heart full of bitter sweet memories and the thirst to go out and begin our life’s journeys, we all set out to different continents to explore ourselves and the world around us.
It’s been over half a decade since I graduated high school. From a group of twelve, only six of us stayed in touch. As our bond got stronger, the others started to fade away. We kept our promises close to our hearts and stayed by our friends we had vowed to never leave. Geographical distances did not matter to us. And Facebook and whatsapp proved to be a blessing for us.


It’s the end of 2015 and we have finally decided to have a reunion. And that’s calling EVERYONE from our beloved batch. The ones we loved seeing and school and even the ones we wanted to hit with burning rods.
And here’s a list of kind of people you’re most likely to run into-

1. You loved this guy’s non-sense talks back in the day and 6 years down the line, nothing has changed. Just that, maybe sometimes, he should come with a warning sign and a couple of panadols.



2. This is the guy who EVERY girl had a crush on. You danced and sang around trees in your dreams with him. Every time he entered the classroom, all the girls would sigh in unison and you were pretty certain, their jaws dropped too. And this happens now as well. Except that he’s turned extremely religious, grown a beard so your jaw drops in shock. But a jaw dropper nonetheless!

3. This pretty looking child had managed to charm the panties off a couple of your seniors. And you know enough of his dirty little secrets to not disclose them in public.


4. This one came in a like a breeze, became a part of your inner most circle and just like that, left. Your heart is filled with fuzziness and some strange comfort whenever he’s around.

5. This guy thinks he’s the shit. Let’s just drop the second ‘the’ and all of it all will make sense. He’s the guy almost nobody likes and yet are friends with him for their own selfish reasons. He thinks the world revolves around him.

6. This guy has figured everything out in life. From being a douchey basket ball player to an extremely well-mannered suited booted guy with an exceptionally good job, he has it all.


7. The familiar face whose name you can’t remember. You’ve just spent an hour reminiscing about all the good times the two of you used to have. They’ve said your name four times. You don’t remember these good times or their names.

8. Your actual friends who you’ve stayed in touch with. This is your refuge of normalcy during this night. They’re there for you after the small talk gets too

By the end of the night, you’ll probably be judging a LOT of them. And yourself. As the pensive of memories uncork, one year at a time, you’ll be amazed to realize how much the world around you has changed. But you’ll also be happy-sad about reminiscing the good ol’ times.


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