Shah Rukh Khan at Hansraj College, DU : A Recap of the moment of a lifetime from a Fan, for all the Fans who missed it! 

 – From another SRK fan, 
Arindam Goswami 

The most awaited launch and a 28 year long awaited college degree.

The Superstar of the Century. 

A staggering crowd of tens of thousands of FANS. 

Immense love, respect, enchantment, eagerness, intoxicating energy and excitement in the air. 
Yes, that’s why he’s called King Khan. 


It was the 16th of February when one of the most famous alumni of Hansraj College was about to visit its campus after decades. I’m talking about none other than the King of Bollywood, most loved and one of the richest celebrities of India – Shah Rukh Khan. This was the day all King Khan’s fans would remember for the rest of their life. 
The King’s arrival was scheduled at 3 pm. One could feel the energy and excitement walking towards the college gates. The streets were packed with fans rushing towards the venue and the entrances were tightly packed even before the gates opened. Hansraj students entered the grounds first followed by other DU students to for security measures and crowd control.

As a prelude to the star’s arrival, the students were entertained by performances such as singing, a group dance and an illusion artist. Finally the long awaited moment came as Shah Rukh came on stage to the wild cheers of the crowd. He launched the title track of his upcoming film ”Fan” which is to hit the theatres on 15th April, 2016. A few bollywood dialogues, a few dance moves, the famous SRK pose and the crowd roared all the while cheering “Shah Rukh Khan! Shah Rukh Khan!”

It was also the day when the ”Dilwale” star would be receiving his college degree after 28 years! Principal Rama Sharma came forward to present him with his degree saying she was proud to hand it to him after so many years. Born in Delhi, Shah Rukh studied in St. Columbus school and earned his Economics degree from Hansraj College.

Although Hansraj is living the spotlight having a superstar ex student, there were a few downsides to the whole show. The management and security measures were not up to the mark considering the kind of event they hosted. Granted, it is not possible to frisk and check everyone’s id’s given the strength of the crowd that came pouring in but atleast they could have had better security measures inside the grounds. Barricades were placed too close to the stage and security personnel for crowd control were scarce. There were incidents of students fainting from all the pushing and suffocation. An ambulance had to be called. Entry and exit gates were half open leading to more confusion and rushing. Many people left a few minutes after the star’s arrival fearing a future stampede.  

Hansraj is one of the few lucky colleges to have a superstar alumni. 16th of February will certainly be remembered and cherished.  




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