Tempest In A Teapot : Miranda House Gearing up! 

Ever wondered what goes into creating a great fest? 

We’ll put down the ingredients for you. 

Some enthusiasm. 



Commercial acumen. 


And a lot of TEMPESTS! 

Don’t trust us? Watch for yourself! 

Miranda House gearing up for its annual fest, Tempest’16. 

“Tempest is the most awaited part of the year. We get to miss classes and chill.”


“I think Tempest time makes me the happiest. I love the celebrity nights! If it’s a guy performer, double happy!
I love the decoration. Wait, actually, I love my college, fest season or not.”


“It’s our last fest. We call this place home, and leaving it is a happy and sad experience in itself. 
We love how Tempest stands out with its celebs. Last year we had Sona Mohapatra & before that, Arijit Singh.
It’s a good time, altogether. We love being at Miranda!”


“I think the best part of Tempest is, the outsiders (guys!). Being in a girls college gets taxing sometimes.”


“We’re studying Life Sciences and there’s so much to do, with such less time in a semester. Tempest is definitely a breather for all of us. 
College life is good so far. It is our very first fest, and we’re super excited! 
Being in First Year, every college event makes you jump. It’s that phase, and the thrill of it.”


“We’re handling decor. That’s how we plan out things officially.” 


“We’re here to promote our NGO. We work towards saving animals. 
Fests are the best time to gather mass interest and capitalise on it. If you wish to get a base for your cause, rush to a fest and set up a stall. You meet so many like minded people, it’s overwhelming. 
The response so far has been amazing. This is our little step towards making bigger changes. “

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