If Villains had a Hangout, it would definitely be The Villain Cafe! 

 Meet our Villains for the day! 

Panel of Food Critics : Oohini Mukhopadhyay, Arindam Goswami, Subhalaxmi Borah 

How To Get There 

After one gets off at the Punjabi Bagh metro station, one has to travel to the far end of the food market to get to The Villain Cafe. 
Prima Facie Thoughts *Insert Evil Laugh* 

When you reach the third floor (which is where the cafe is) the first thing that catches the eye is the is the logo displayed outside with posters of villains adorning the walls. The decor was impressive from the start. Even before stepping inside! Badass! Brownie points already. 

Once you step inside and get adjusted to the dim lighting you see the fabulous way the cafe has lived up to its name. The interior has that dark and dingy look, completely going with the theme. 

Iron chains hanging from the ceiling, posters and quotes from The Godfather, Hannibal Lecter and even a big Darth Vader face on one wall! The Bar has JOKER, GOSFATHER, LOKI and MAGENTO in big glowing letters hanging from above. The ceiling has that rough cemented look  giving that raw theme an edge, simple and rustic furniture, dingy chandeliers above every table, decorative glowing skulls with bottle stoppers on the bar slab and even iron chains as curtains! The cafe also has an in house Dj! Can it get any more awesome?

It only gets more Kickass! 

Oh yes it can. The place has a terrace and oh my, what a superb terrace! The first thing you notice is the fine seating arrangement. On one side the floor is pebbled white, giving it that rustic appearance and the jhoolaas also add to the charm. There is a huge monster TV for anyone who wouldn’t want to miss the game while dining out.

But it gets better. The food at this place is simply a 5/5. I’m talking about presentation, taste and variety.

First to the cocktails.


Harvey Wall Banger. Absolutely soothing with a great blend of Orange juice and Vodka. This will refresh your senses for sure.

Calypso Cooler. The Dark Rum, Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice concoction will definitely lighten the mood!

Guava Spice. This drink deserves special mention because of its unique presentation. Served in a giant light bulb  (yes you read right) the chilly and guava mix will get you up and dancing in no time! (Highly Recommended)

Now to the food. Appetizers and main course.


Trio of Chicken Tikka. The presentation here, again, is aamazing. The dish is served in a kind of wire-fence setting in the shape of ball. The trio here is malai tikka, hariyali tikka and the classic red chicken tikka. Combined with the red sauce on the side, all three tasted absolutely delicious. (recommended)

Southern Fried Chicken Burger. The chicken was cooked crisp and tasty with the spicy combination of chicken and peppers. And to make things more interesting it is presented in the back of a truck! Talk about cool!


Honey Chilli Potatoes. Crispy potato batons served with chilli and roasted sesame seeds. It was one of the best Honey Chilli Potatoes i had tasted!

Assorted Non-Veg Kabab platter. An assorrtment of spicy chicken tikka, chicken khas ke seekh, lagan ke boti and mutton galouti kebab. Even looks mouthwatering. (highly recommended)

Artichoke and asparagus lasgna. Classic layered pasta with parmesian cheese sauce and tomato fondue. This one is a delight to the taste buds.  (recommended)

Next, the desserts.

Wallnut Brownie Sundae. Walnut brownie chunks, chocolate hazelnut sauce, strawberry crush and ice cream of your choice. I fell in love after having this! (highly recommended)

Banofee Pie. Classic english pie, toffee cream and banana. Subtle to taste, tarty base and each flavour hits the right note on your tongue. One of the best desserts i must say! (Highly recommended).

All of the food was prepared well and presented in unique ways. The best thing about the place is the attention to detail and overall ambience. With hookahs in the shape of dragons or skeletons, things could not possibly get any cooler. The only downside in my opinion is the loud music which had me shouting at the top of my voice to have a conversation. Even the hospitality is pretty good. The waiters know what they serving and are very polite.

So to sum it up,
Serving and Hospitality is a 5/5
Ambience is a 4/5 (because of the loud music)
Food is a definite 5/5! Deserves it!
All in all, a very nice to go if you want something different and like your food in its best.

If there’s a place in town to please Hades, Greek Lord of the Underworld, THIS IS IT. 




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