15 Reasons why You’re still Single (And will probably be for a Long Time ahead)

Discretion : The following reasons have been carefully curated and handpicked out of years of experience & holier-than-thou singledom by Joshita Bhasin  a.k.a. Jayy. Please read this offer document thrice on Valentine’s Day before you decide to go on a random date. 

Thank You. 

Being a girl can be tough. Being a twenty something single girl can sometimes be a nightmare!

Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you could still be single and give no fucks about it.

1. You remember your old number which says Out-Of-Service. 

2. You parents blessed you with an extremely common name. So, when a hottie actually tries to Facebook stalk you, he ends up on someone else’s profile. (Someone probably much more attractive than yourself.)


3. You use too many emojis.


4. You use no emojis.


5. People don’t usually get your sarcasm and dark humor and end up feeling insulted.


6. You don’t like people


7. Your rotis aren’t round enough.


8. Your chai doesn’t bring any boys to the yard.


9. Nobody is as important as yourself to adorn the place on your phone’s wallpaper.


10. When asked to imagine someone who completes you, you immediately think of pizza. Or ice-cream. Or both.

11. You’ve surpassed all levels of Friendzone and are not in the top league in the irreversible Brozone.


12. All your friends are either married or engaged and now know no single men.

13. Bollywood has given you irrationally high standard in men. You’ve been waiting for your Raj for too long. But alas! He’s got on the wrong train.


14. Your ideal date includes pizza,
pyjamas  and Netflix.


15. You prefer food over people.



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