10 Things A Girl Undergoes When She’s Got a Crush! 

Author : Devshree Pareek 

We’ve all been there. 

Boys! Think she likes you? Look out for these tell-all signs! 


1. Making an eye contact is a mammoth task for her. 



2. She just can’t get her mind off him. Thinking, Dreaming, Peeing, bathing, Studying and every damn thing goes hand in hand with ‘the special’ one.


3. She would keep making stories of perfect scenarios in her mind, followed by lots of blushing.


4. She would tell her best friend about it and then she would blush throughout the day. She will enjoy the teasing phase but won’t show it.


5. Anxiety & insecurity will become something very common.

6. Creates fuss about almost everything ‘Oh my god! I have to, have to, look my best; He can be here any moment’.


7. Silliest questions cross her mind ‘Does my body language portray me as if I’m in love?; Is it getting obvious?; He laughs with her, what if? NO!!; I think sitting next to him will be best; What if I ..What If I don’t?’


8. Not only butterflies make their way to her stomach, cupids do too.


9. She would stalk him for hours and would thank God for Mark Zuckerberg.

10. Her Happiness/Moods/Habits revolve around Him. 


Well, a crush is the purest & most innocent form of love. Stop crushing and dying for your special one. Listen to your heart & take a call, If that’s what you want it’s worth the fall.

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