Sass it up with La Senza : Brand New Store comes to Ambience Mall, Gurgaon! 

Pictures By – Suchana Bera 
Ladies, Hold Your Breaths! 

Happiness now has an address. What are you waiting for? Park your cars at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and indulge with Premium La Senza Lingerie and their brand new collection! 
In case you came in late, this is what we’re talking of. 

La Senza is the worldwide favourite when it comes to sexy and comfortable lingerie. It has managed to create a benchmark for itself, dominating the Indian subcontinent & reaching out to conservationist masses.

 It’s been able to carve a brand name in a period less than 5 years of aggressive online marketing.  Unmatched designs, faux fur underwear and slogan panties! 

What more do you wish for, this Valentine’s? 
Let us give you one more SURPRISE! 
Walk-out with Heavy Discounts if You Spin The Wheel!, a whole lot of fun & extra goodies with the Buy One Get One Free Offer! 

Let the Tigress in you, who’s out to conquer the world, pamper herself! 


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