Deadpool: Review 

Movie Critic : Anuj Nawal 
“A superhero film?” 


Nah. Deadpool doesn’t think so. 

Reluctant to call himself a hero, our protagonist, ‘The Merc with a mouth’, does kill people, a lot of people, because well, he can. We’ve seen Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool in wolverine but well he wasn’t really that cool back then with his mouth sewn shut, acting like a super-slave.

This Deadpool is different in many ways, extremely chirpy, witty, sarcastic and knows how to tickle your funny bone. 


The cinematograhy is smart and Tim Miller knows how to get the crowd grooving as you’ll chuckle on every other scene making it a not so good experience for your movie companion who isn’t a marvel maniac. Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall to talk to you and make you a part of his story. 

The movie starts with our red spandex suit sporting super-‘not a hero’ sitting in a cab on his way to spill some blood and wham, action begins. The action is thrilling and the fact that deadpool cannot die makes it even more exciting as he mocks his opponents with his immortality. 
Then the movie alternates between real time and flashbacks from the past showing how he became what he is. This smart move makes you acquainted with Wade, his beautiful girlfriend Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin and how we meets her and falls in love with her before things start going south for him and he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. That’s when agent smith offers him superhuman capabilities in exchange for his free will as he is secretly meant to be a super-slave.
 Long story short, Slade Wilson falls in love with Vanessa, starts dying from cancer, and takes the hard decision of accepting a shady Mr.Smith’s offer to stay alive and get superhuman abilities, and gets his face badly disfigured by the head surgeon Ajax he gets out of the facility destroying it and starting a rampage against all those who made his face ‘A testicle with a mouth’ as he says it. After spilling all the blood and gore he finally reaches Ajax where he finds other mutants from X-men, ‘Colossus’ and ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ who help him and also add more humour to the already hilarious movie.

I’d suggest the movie to everyone but with a suitable company, definitely not with parents or your girlfriend as the endless stream of jokes on masturbation and well on things worse than that might lead to some (awkward) silences rather than giggles. With hints to other marvel movies coming every now and then, the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. 
The fact that it was passed in India after 7 cuts disappoints many viewers but the overall experience is still enthralling. I’d suggest you to go grab tickets of this movie from your nearest theatre and let a mercenary make you laugh with his sarcasm. 

Our Film Critic rates it at 4/5. Cheers!


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