Cafe Hawkers: Bestowed for your cravings!

Food Critics For The Day – Aastha Jain & Saniya Zehra 


Not much after we exited from the Gate No. 3 of the Rajiv Chowk metro station, we found ourselves standing in front of the endearing entrance of Cafe Hawkers. 

Not too hard to find, being adjacent to the famous Odeon Cinema, its colourful and engaging logo remained ready for us. What a logo, we say! 
If you’re looking for the perfect resting place to hog at, to spend hours reading and caffeine stocking your system with at, look no more. 
What We Loved : The Wooden, Rustic Ambiance coupled with a Metropolitan Outlook! 

As we entered, we couldn’t stop but appreciate the ideal lighting in the cafe, with just the right blend of music. 

Next, the interior took us in awe. The walls, sleeved in extensively by faux grass, had pickle jars and some herb pots hanging to them. Ensorcelled already, aren’t you? Wait for the holier-than-thou food! 


Food & Hospitality 
Initially, we were dismayed by the fact that we had to wait for ten whole minutes, until a waiter finally took notice of us and presented us with the menu; not that the place was jammed. 

We ordered starters, hot and sour soup and breads to accompany. 

The soup was perfectly whisked and had a soothing aura. As we finished it, the management was kind enough to bring to us their hot seller- Chatpati Kamal Kakrdi Ki Chat; and hands down it was the best dish of the place. 

God does exist and he makes Chaat at Cafe Hawkers! (Yes, THAT good.) 

As the time passed, we didn’t feel much need to order as the staff made sure that our table was never devoid of any of the cafe’s delicacies. We were served with almost everything from the menu in the next hour. 
The Red Sauce Penne Pasta offered the most authentic Italian flavours, no doubt there. While the chilli paneer was quite insipid; the impressive blend of honey along with the spices in the honey chilli potato stirred the foodie in us. Well, it had started doing back flips after tasting the absolutely delicious Veg Pizza.

 The burgers were average. However, the Achari Cutlet Slider, served with potato chips and curd salad took the show. 
The lip smacking drinks were the total highlights! The Kiwi Delight was tropical and utterly refreshing. Something you’d crave for, later. Fruit punch was as good; a little sweet but pleasing, anyhow. Virgin Peena Colada didn’t seem virgin for some reason- perhaps, the bitter in it. 

Given to the impressive ambience and indeed a delicious range of food and drinks, we would settle for a rating of 4/5 for this place.

 Good to go in the heart of the city!


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