The Day He Went

Poet : Oohini Mukhopadhyay 
Grey condescending winds, mocked the dawn of my life.

The day, that day, that very day

I was scared to look at myself naked in the broken pieces of mirror.

As if existence vandalized my femininity.

Overwrought with the burden of continuance

Each breath seemed obese.

That tainted cologne on my body,

he left after he had made love to me

A decade back.

Burned me down to a cinder.

I could sense the boisterous zeal inside me,

to mutilate spirits.


Yes, I was jealous

I was jealous of the euphoric rivers

Of their gaiety, of their glee

to have a deliberate confluence.

I was jealous of the savage winds

which slapped me in flamboyance.

I cursed dreams

I laughed like a harlot

Did even I belong to myself?

The day he had gone.

If it was for a mortal he left

I would’ve understood.

But how could I pity fortune?


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