LSR’s Women’s Development Cell Presents Anarchia- Breaking Sterotypes, Tarang 2016 

Author- Priyanjana Das

Photos by- Deyasini Chatterjee

The women’s development cell of Lady Shri Ram College, unique in its thought and action, sought to bring about a change in the stereotypical recognition of women across the globe. The promotion of the elegance and beauty in ‘you’ was set about flawlessly. The instructions to the participants were simple – be ‘be-you-tiful’. It was an utter amazement to see a ramp full of flawless beauty transform to flaunt the flaws of the human body.


The judges of this show included Vikramaditya Saha, who was a part of the gender studies department at the school of human studies in Ambedkar University, Delhi primarily focussing on the queer politics in India and Mrs. Kamla Bhasin, who forms the face of feminism. She has been associated with the feminist movement for 4 years and was also the global coordinator from South Asia for the International Revolutionary Movement, ONE BILLION RISING!
Maitreyi College, Hansraj College, L.S.R itself and a lot other colleges showed active participation. The platform created showed vivacious enthusiasm, creative designs and a brilliant array of ideas that flooded across, tearing apart social constructs like gender. It also focused on social issues like child abuse followed by the petite notions of love those that we never knew were stereotyped.


How far did it succeed in breaking the social constructs, we are not sure about that. Yet Anarchia did create an environment for change; the need for a better society, of like-minded enthusiasts who seek novelty of ideas. Despite that the basic needs of high heels and slim bodies that we associate with a fashion show were still intact.


Hansraj College bagged the prize and was applauded for its well chosen dress code and concept.
Lady Shri Ram College’s performance on stage brought out the journey from the fall of Eve, the pain in marriage, the inability to follow your dreams, dreadful act of the acid attack and the puppeteering of the supposedly weaker sex on stage was all evidently and bone- chillingly clear and candid. 

The costume designs, props and other external materials only added to the graceful setting. It was a vivid transcendence from stereotyped reality to a fairly Utopian concept on inner beauty and grace. 

Walking the ramp was different, because again there was no ‘right’ step, no ‘right’ while you walked. Anarchia was successful even if one participant or individual from the audience felt the ease with which the queer nature exhibited itself on the stage!

The show did catch the media’s eye though and was a huge success.


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