Poet : Oohini Mukhopadhyay 
Looking outside that framed functioning

I could see no more than just a colour

A colour that was neither black, nor white, not grey, not one shade.

A colour that I wanted my skin to be, a colour that I was sure my eyes were searching, which didn’t come out of the rainbow, which was unmade.

Ashamed and fearful to appear everyday
I struggled with my consciousness

Laughed at the nose that I was crafted with

I was in a need to desperate nakedness,

Somewhere I would not worry about being aware always about the way I functioned.

I wanted to be judged this time for my voluptuous dream and no decorative deception that I was always at in this rainbow world.

I wanted to be an assertion walking in and out where I wanted to shed all the dependencies that my existence had provoked.

I wanted to make love to myself and create a being in my darksome womb

I wanted to be ugly and have diseases that would not make me repel myself from my baby.

I desired the night that was not silent and moonlit,

Where the lazy owl cried and people slept at peace.

For once I craved to conquer the fright that every step of mine was chained to.

I went into a great frenzy

And I became the glamorous canvas that every painter desired,

Which wasn’t made of paper.


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