Poet : Oohini Mukhopadhyay 

A maiden that I was

Brimming with tenderness

Laughing without hesitation

With intrusive eyes into the ambit of maturation

Falling for kisses unknown

Jellying subconsciously, living in the ecstasy of nature

Until it all collapsed for once when

Could not bifurcate the vice and virtue


Beguiled and hypnotized

With goose bumps warning me

And the snakes inside my belly making me momentarily schizophrenic

For not even a jiffy to open my eyes.

My mouth stank and praised marijuana

And the world was a blur

It was ticklish, giddy and whirling

And after several needles now I crave

The paradise lost, which was far better than

This material milieu,

Which forces me to keep my eyes open until red

And asks me smell the strength of conventions


And conform by dying everyday covertly.


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