Relatable Truths when you’re part of a Society in College! 

Author : Sabhya Kumar

PR : Devshree Pareek 

Pictures sourced from : Comania, DCAC 

Whether you want to study abroad or get a job or even just love your extra-curricular activity, there are certain set things you experience when you are part of a college society.

We find out what being part of a society really is like & take a look at one of Delhi University’s Best Commerce Societies – Comania, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, DU from their busy schedules to the feeling of oneness and bond. 

1. That feeling of being swamped: This is particularly true for those who are a part of multiple societies; there is always that feeling of being loaded with things to do, yet having little time to do them.


2. Never being free: Your friends can chill in between classes and even go shopping if breaks are long. But your ECA is perpetually spent in society meetings and practices. You can only stare wistfully at them as they return from Sarojini.


3. Struggling to keep track: It becomes a heady task, trying to remember what work is for which society and what work pertains to the department. To do lists just never seem to end here.


4. Fierce protective motherly instinct: You dislike anybody who says anything against your society and will defend and argue to death to protect its honour.


5. Society becomes family: Your society buddies become your best buddies and society farewells are sometimes the hardest place to be in.


6. Prioritizing one society over the other: If you are a part of more than one society and they both decide to meet at the same time, it is the most difficult choice you could possibly make.




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