Object, Procreating Machine or a Pleasure Toy? : The plight of the ‘weaker’ sex. 

Author : Saniya Zehra 

We live in a country where we have varied religious followers. Amongst a lot of commonalities, one major thing that fetches our attention is how each portrays the strength of a woman. 

Be it for the honesty and virtue of Mother Mary, the courage of the holy prophet’s daughter Hazrat Fatima, or the mahashakti of the supreme goddess Maa Durga; they’ve been the respective role models of women within the different communities and religious groups. 

 It’s bewildering, however, that with such invincible and powerful characters as our epitome; we are expected to tolerate the injustice and the cheapening of society.

Almost every day, we read and hear about the atrocities inflicted upon the women in the shadows of domestic violence. It’s true that even men have been burnt in the fire of this irrational act. 

However, going by the statistics, around two-third of the married Indian women are the victims of domestic violence attacks (a ‘United Nation Population Fund’ report). Contrarily, those towards men are amongst the rarest of the rare cases. Why is it, that our women have been exposed to such brutality? And what exactly is the limit? 

The basic notions of our society are themselves faulty. While the women are primed to devote their lives towards their husbands, the men are groomed in a way where they are provided with all the independence they want. 

Also, the word ‘pati’ which we use to address the husbands literally means ‘master’ or ‘lord. Our society and its culture have very conveniently placed the authority of slaving women into the hands of the men of our society.

We are sixteen years past the 21st century. The dogmas of our society are changing and so are its human values. The only thing that has been constant is the wretched condition of women in our society. In our mythology, we’ve been glorifying our goddesses for much long. However, in actuality, we choose to impede the independence of the women in our society. Every time she raised her voice, she ended up becoming a mere puppet, dancing to the tunes of the patriarchs.

 Patriarchs like the new Board President of Sabarimala temple in Kerala, who was recently up in controversies, for stating that women who are menstruating are impure. 

He also further said, “these days there are machines that can scan bodies and check for weapons. There will be a day when a machine is invented to scan if it is the “right time” for a woman to enter the temple.” 

How much more demeaning could it get?

It is high time that we leave our slumber, all men and women, and act words what is right. Together, we ought to reform the unacceptable norms that our society has been imposing on us. It’s time that we stop tolerating the violence. It’s time that we stop making the monstrous act of domestic violence a regular event inside our households. 

It’s time we learn to take care of ourselves so that we don’t have to depend on the husbands who like to be repaid by robbing away our innocence and liberty to live. Because, if today we don’t act, there will never be an inspiration for the coming generations to fight the bruised life. 

Because then, the only lesson they would have learnt will be of tolerance. 

And that is not what it is there to be learned to rise. 

It’s intolerance- towards everything wrong.


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