Ishaan Khattar : The Star In The Making 

Like any other day with my blogging life, sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose, this was no different. I was about to hit the snooze button and catch up on some sleep when an extreme-fangirl moment happened (that made me act like a 13 year old with her first crush.)
You can’t really blame me! When the young heartthrob of the nation, Ishaan Khattar drops you a message, you’re naturally going to pinch yourself to reality. 

In a world where people are constantly forming an opinion about you based on your virtual reality and the tons of followers that you have, it is a hard deal to find a star kid act with humility. But, enter Ishaan, and you’ve found the one. Quirky, trendsetter, casual, jocose and jocular (spectacular, if we must say) – Shahid Kapoor’s younger sibling is a complete gentleman.
Been born to a legacy of great actors, supremely talented parents – Ma’am Neelima Azeem & Rajesh Khattar sir, this boy, with larger than life stardom among the youth, and a killer smile, does have it all.

Being Shahid’s brother does come with a lot of responsibility to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way – but, one look at Ishaan and you’ll know what finesse and class are all about.

Making his debut opposite older brother Shahid in Vaah! Life Ho toh Aisi was little Ishaan’s first step into tinsel town. We find out what bolstered him and conditioned him into being the way he is – groomed, sedated and shutterbug friendly!
Here’s a sneak peak into our conversation with him.
1. A day in the life of Ishaan Khattar would be like?

Inherently, I’m not a very routine sort of person. The structure of my day is usually determined by what I’ve devoted my time to in that particular period or phase. But to give you a general idea of things that make up my day, it’d go something like this.


There’s music, with it comes dance, food (mostly chocolate), films (includes movies, documentaries & videos) and people. I get out to train (or let’s call it play) pretty much every day, which is mostly parkour and climbing.

Also, I’ve been picking up the groceries lately!

2. With media doing the rounds about you assisting Abhishek Chaubey in his next, when do we expect to see you on the other side of the camera?

Sooner than later, hopefully!

3. You’ve been rumoured to debut opposite Saif’s Daughter. How far is that true?

I don’t know, truth is tricky! But to be honest, I don’t personally know anything about that yet.

4. A lot of girls wanted me to ask you this – Do you have any other hidden cute brothers!

Haha, nope. Just the one, and he isn’t hiding from anybody.
5. What’s the secret to your sculpted body? 
There’s no secret, really.

I just enjoy moving around a lot and learning about different physical activities. Maybe, the chocolate intake contributes to the physical aspect, too!

I try to read up about nutrition, but I know people around me who are even more conscientious about that.
6. Your idea of the ideal partner would be? 

It’d be nice to be with somebody who has a strong sense of self but isn’t too self-involved.

Somebody who’s affectionate and compassionate. If she’s beautiful, funny and makes cookies – THAT’D be the dream!
7. The wildest thing you’ve ever done. That depends on your definition of wild *winks*
8. Tell us about your childhood. 

My childhood was interesting and eventful, for the lack of a better word. I’ve had a lot of experiences, all very different from each other; which I really value because I feel I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak-peak into life. I grew up with a background of dance, cinema and music.

Thanks to my mum I was cultivated into the arts and encouraged to have my own journey.


9. Your favourite movie so far?

I don’t have one favourite movie. I don’t think I’d ever be able to choose one! It’s like having to choose your favourite drop in the ocean.
10. We’ve all seen you share a special bond with your sister-in-law, Mira Kapoor. Any fond memories with her?


It was heartening when I went over to bhai’s the first time after she came home. She fed me, I felt loved and pampered.
And the wedding, of course! The whole shebang.
11. Describe your relationship with Shahid.

He’s my big brother and a big part of my emotional make-up. We bond over our shared passion for the same things. I was very young when he started working and became a star but despite the fact that he and I don’t get to spend as much time with each other, when we do, he feels like home to me.

Although he does love to play the big brother card to his advantage!

We share a lot of similarities and yet have different personalities.

12. Were the extraordinary dancing skills God gifted or you had to work for them?

It’s very kind of you to say that!

Just for the fact that I was born with dance and rhythm I have to credit my mum, who’s a beautiful and masterful dancer. I don’t think one can acquire skill without working for it, so again everybody who’s moulded me as a dancer is to be credited.

My brother, my teacher Shiamak and Les Twins – my idols.

13. A message to all your fans (specially the hundreds of female fans reading this!) 

I find it a little embarrassing to address anybody as a fan of mine.
Hopefully I’ll give you good reason for all the love, appreciation and support I receive.


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