Game of Thrones Season 6: All you need to know.


For 6 years now we have hung on to and been addicted to this series more than a drug junkie. We have spent our six years still waiting for the winter to come (No hurry, George). While the winter is yet to come after 6 years and 60 episodes some of us must have gone through a heartbreak and back, some completed their engineering (highly unlikely) and many more cruelties, but we have always had the strength to wait for April every year to see our favorite characters killed, have our minds and souls twisted and turned to the extent that it didn’t matter how strong you were mentally to watch the heads flying, blood flowing, monstorous faces battles through out the season but you cried at the end when they killed Eddard Stark (still can’t get over that) , the red wedding, laughed with joy when Jeoffery died and many more events that had you shun for more than hours of thinking that why am I willingly going through this emotional hell but still wanting for more.

The news that we all have been waiting for this year has finally arrived as HBO has released the official premier date for Game of Thrones Season 6 as the 24th of April this year (carve it on to your walls like a prisoner counting down his days). Though it’s almost 2 weeks late than its usual year to year release dates as HBO aims to premier GoT once it completes its other series Vinyl or may be it was eventually decided by HBO to accommodate and give room to George R.R. Martin to complete his long awaited book The winds of winter before the 6th season starts, we are just happy that now we have a date to look forward to the bringing of 2 months long sleepless nights. Happy to have a date to the day that we will finally know whether Jon Snow is still alive, though he’s on the 1st released cover poster of the 6th season but judging by how Game of Thrones works, don’t believe it till you see it or sometimes still can’t believe it after clearly seeing it.

Now that the official premiere date for Game of Thrones season 6 is finally out, let’s talk about what we all are looking forward to in this season though anything and everything is possible. SPOILERS AHEAD!


1. Theories about Jon’s potential resurrection have dominated the Game of Thrones news cycle since Season 5 ended. But then no one knows, they killed Ned stark and his prodigal son, Rob stark and the mother (those that we were so sure to thrive in this game of throne).

2. We are all very interested in the return of Bran Stark as well. Mainly due to his unexplained absence in the whole of Season 5, although part of that interest seems to be spurred by the fact that he’ll likely use his powers to give us a look at what happened at the Tower of Joy toward the end of Robert’s Rebellion. Per popular theory, this scene will tie back into Jon Snow’s backstory, so all roads lead to Jon.

3.Daenerys has had a tough relationship with her dragons while she’s still learning to control and tame them in the process of which she saw herself casted away in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Dothraki riders. Will she ride with a new Khalasa and get the allegiance of the Dothraki army by showing them the power of her dragons or is this just the beginning of her worries?

4. One of the things that worried us too much at the end of last season was the Sansa-Theon jump. Was it too high to survive? Even if they do survive will they be able to escape from Reakon? Since Reakon is one of the characters that has always got his winning ways while it looked like things were getting away from him. If Reackon is able to capture them, will it be another barbaric end to a Stark?

5. After the most shocking (which is just an ordinary statement for this show) was Cersies infamous walk of atonement and the way she was let down by the sparrows who she so willing gave the power to only to see her strategy fire back at her in the worst way possible. Will Cersie have her revenge with the sparrows and the people of Dorne for the murder of her daughter with the help of the all new monstorous the Mountain?
6. The above mentioned being just a few elaborates amongst the many storylines that we are so very curious about to see unfold. For example, what happens to Jamie Lannister adventures at Riverrun? Where has Arya Stark reached in her training for becoming a faceless man? Does Littlefinger keeps climbing that ladder, probably with help of the Knights of the vale? How is Tyrion and Varys struggle to rule Meereen going? What’s happening with the white walkers

7. We’re entering a new era for the show, one where magic elements like dragons, White Walkers, and weirwood visions are going to become a bigger part of the narrative. they have to be careful with how fantasy-like the show starts to get because we can see plenty of people walking away from a political drama show to one that is now about dragons, white walking zombies, and wargs. Will a battle for the dawn between humanity and a race of ice monsters make it too much like other good vs evil stories?

We’ll have a better idea come April, which is a few scant months away. It’s all happening, and sooner than you may realize.


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