Body Positivity: healthy self image, unhealthy self

Author: Mahima Bakhtani

The body positivity movement that has slowly come to power in today’s world is a strong opposition against what media portrays as “real women”. This campaign, initially brought out to help people of all genders, races, sizes and whatever else segregates us as human beings has in many cases taken the side of the ones on the heftier side or the “curvy girls” of today. The movement has also received a lot of criticism from skinnier girls who’re put down with phrases such as: “real men like curves, not bones” and songs like ‘All about that bass’ by Meghan Trainor. In this fight between fat and skinny shaming, and many other criticisms such as a gender bias towards just women loving themselves, a major flaw in the movement has been overlooked: the health issues.

Body positivity promotes loving your self no matter how ever you may look. Although this is a great approach to help the numerous victims of media’s beauty standards and to shun away their self-hatred towards their bodies, this movement doesn’t look into the health concerns of someone being overweight.


The above picture has received a lot of criticism for “fat shaming” while all it does is clearly state the health issues that arises with carrying around extra fat.

There are many other health issues that come with carrying around extra fat, especially around your midsection. The listed are just a few of the several other health issues: type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart diseases and many other complications related to pregnancy in women.

Extra visceral fat also leads to organs being under pressure and being cramped up due to the fat taking up most of the available space; fat also puts a large amount of pressure on your heart preventing it from functioning properly; and on your bones and joints which help to support it.

Bodies with bigger frames as a whole don’t carry these health risks. Having a larger frame is different from carrying fat itself. Many skinnier girls and girls that are healthy also carry fat, which is still unhealthy even though not as much as carrying massive amounts of it. The key point to remember is to know the difference between weight and fat.

Body positivity should be about loving yourself throughout the process of reaching your “goal body” and loving the result, whatever it maybe WHILE working on getting fit and healthy rather than bashing yourself up over those few extra pounds or that extra bit of fat that you’re carrying . What’s important is ensuring your health: physical and mental and of course your happiness, especially when it comes to yourself.

At the end of the day,

You’re a work of art in progress, learn to love yourself with each stroke. Each phase of the canvas being filled with more and more splashes of colour is to form a unique and the most breath taking picture of yours that the world has ever seen. 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Explorgasm says:

    I agree but being super skinny like runway models is also unhealthy. Lots of extremely skinny people are malnourished, have eating disorders, and don’t have their periods. The movement should focus, as you said, on being healthy


    1. mahiibakhtani says:

      Definitely, which is why the emphasis is on being healthy 🙂


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