Winter Hair Care 101

Author : Namita Unnmuktaa


With winter we welcome not only gajar  ka halwa, garam chai and warm blankets but dry skin and hair too.

 Yes, welcome the season that zaps life from your hair. Worried with what to do now with these frizzy-fussy tresses? We have answer to sate your pouncing thoughts and insanely roving flocks. 

Oomph yourself now, pedal some efforts and befriend the army against dandruff, static, split ends, dryness etc

Bid farewell to bad hair days, along with 2015 and read, get started and sojourn beautiful winter landscapes with no worries! 





Hot water is heaven in winters, no? Well, yes but not for your hair. Most of us use hot water during winters to wash our hair which actually dries the hair. It makes the hair more delicate, brittle and lusterless. The winter blustery does nothing but dry you skin, which after hot water dries even more, leading to itching, scalp infection or dandruff. Also avoid heat products like dryer or straighter. If you deeply regret welcoming winter because of the frizzy hair then try leave-in conditioner or heat-spray to keep your hair hydrated (one’s with less alcohol content). 

 Go tepid with water and fight winter tactically!



Do you believe in not oiling your hair during winters? Why? Because it’s the time of cold and gusty winds? Well, know that you MUST MASSAGE during winters. Due to the cold outside our external skin becomes nervous and gets dry. Oiling and proper massaging relives the skin of the scalp and regulates proper blood flow in the head. Even while washing hair, massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes with your finger tips but ensure you don’t catch cold. 
Oiling would prevent breakage and dandruff, both. Don’t nullify the oil effect by overusing shampoo on the scalp. Starting from the ends go upward and choose oils like olive, safflower, avocado or jojoba etc. 

An overnight stay would glisten the hair a lot.


Scalp alone won’t do good to your hair. Glint them with care of conditioning. Conditioning the scalp can make hair oily, leading to frequent hair washes and birth of dandruff and scalp skin infections. Hence, shampoo the whole thing but when it comes to the much required conditioning then be partial and apply conditioner only over the hair length. Preserve your hair moisture by using tepid water, suitable shampoo and some cool conditioner which fights frowziness. By the way, Coconut milk makes for a great natural hair conditioner, and even honey! 

Go mythic with your hair !



When even lemon fails to fight those fakes spread like stars over your black hair, you need to be serious in the battle. yes, to treat that itchy scalp and breakage, you need to be courageous enough to choose iron and vitamin D rich foods and also some medically tested shampoos. Rather than believing on the pompy advertisements promising you dandruff disappearance, consult a dietician/ nutritionist or trichologist. Only they can rescue a severe dandruff problem and not consumer usage shampoos with high PH levels and moisture content. Try sticking to home remedies for best results rather than consumer usage products claiming big promises. Henna, egg yolk, fenugreek powder, aamla etc Make home made masks and devise ways to unclog your clogged hair follicles according to your hair type


Winter winds make the hair flyaway. Despite all your care and conditioning if your hair is excessively static and frizzy, use an anti static spray, formulated to control the static in your hair. Also toss all your toasty scarves and caps to keep those long or short locks protected. And treat those parched ends with a little trimming. Losing half an inch from the long length would do no harm 😛 , if you desire dazzling hairdos, volume and bounce in those cutie curls. Every 4-6 weeks , get them trimmed. Drink water in abundance for inner hydration and ask a humidifier for help in case of severe static. Let them lose less, as bound in a ribbon they are less hostile to harsh weather. Brush regularly and remove those tangles. Use a well vented hair brush with boar bristles.

Now, you have known all the secrets to treating that frowziness, so go dangling on tepid waters and caring conditioners. Before putting on that cozy wool beanie and losing yourself in those toasty feelings, show some compassion toward your hair against the chill of cold! 



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