Why Friends With Benefits doesn’t exist 

Author : Devshree Pareek 
The concept sounds very cool. But, it isn’t real. 

Read on to know ‘Why FWB is a myth’

Either it just the benefit or it is the friendship. When it’s both of them then it’s love. Simple!

There’s no in between.

I strongly feel that intimacy leads to a certain amount of feelings which one cannot deny. 

FWB, really?

Not sure though.

Let’s see!
1. With whom? ​

You just cannot enter into a FWB with a close friend of yours.

 It just doesn’t make sense. You obviously have feelings for your friend & you might end up mistaking FWB for love. Hence It’s a BIG no.
2. Making The First Move (Prepare to get slapped) 

Well, it’s not a case of a commitment hence making the move is something one would do out of desperation or curiosity. 
3. Emotional locha? Emotions knock? Oops! 

Since it won’t be a one night stand hence, admit it or not either of you will end up feeling for the other. In case the feelings are mutual the FWB ends there & then. 
Jealousy also finds the way in.


4. Reality checks​

You start taking him/her as your own personal thing. You forget giving space & it appears to be a typical relationship. 

You start getting possessive about your partner. 
5. Post the benefit

It is kind of ruining your friendship. Because once the benefit is over you’d never be able to see that person the same way you used to. Even if you try hard, you can not. 
Goodbye Friendship/comfort zone, hello awkwardness. 
Exceptions can always be there but this is something too weird to be. Friendship & benefit cannot go together as it won’t be an actual friendship if one is deriving ‘benefits’ out of it. 

Either it’s a commitment or a friendship.
The movie, Friends With Benefits, starring Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake itself ends up contradicting the title! 

What can not happen in a movie, can definitely not happen in real life. 


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