Wartime Love 

Author : Arijit Sarkar 
She was pretty like the normal things of life, 

never the exuberant kind 
though he who was wandering in illusions found solace in her eyes. 

The eyes which had many stories of love, 


He looked at it all not with grief but with a gleam of life 

for he was jealous that she felt those emotions once 
but he hadn’t even tried.


he goes back to that place where he met her that day 
Sulking into the feeling which he went through that day

After enquiries he gets to know she died a terrible death 

as wars had battered her till the end.

He moved away to feel the grief, 

that longing for someone and travelled, 
around the globe to feel it all, 
though he found himself trapped in her web of life 
and he wanted to get back to her again.

Still curious he finds her grave and leaves a note in which he says, 

“though I can’t bring back the time I lost..but i assure to repay it at all costs.”

He treads away feeling jealous yet again 

for she had felt death before he tasted his end.



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