Restaurant Review : 3 Pegs Down, and loving it! 

Author : Devshree Pareek

When we first entered this place, we felt like the hues of a Mexican Cartel and Cowboys had come to life with this handmaiden tribute to Western culture. But, taste the food, down the pegs, and you’ll know why this place is the most Desi it’ll ever get! 

All the Patiala Pegs and Sadda Desi Tequila, in an iconic toss, mixes with European Daiquiri & Sangria and hence forms – 3 Pegs Down, Saket. 

One wouldn’t mind getting 3 Pegs Down here! (and we dare say, wouldn’t stop at 3.) 

Prima Facie Thoughts

What an ambiance!  

Quick service with just the right music.

The Ambiance is soothing; the seating arrangement is quite comfortable & spacious.

The Waiters & bartenders were dressed in accordance with the theme as rangers with cow-boy hats & guns. Giving you the immortal drug lord Mexican cartel feel yet? 

 Talking about the theme, the owner Mr. Umang Tewari talked about having a different theme ‘Tex-Mex’ which is inspired by the drinking culture of Texas & Mexico.

The entrance is well designed with wanted posters, Sheriff badges, guns & bulls to add cherry to the ensorcelling and different experience, which has never been created before in Delhi NCR. 

Food & Drinks : 10/10 

As the name suggests, they offer some quality Cocktails in great variety which includes some fine Martini & Drinks.

Apart from the lip smacking Cocktails they have in stock for non-alcoholics some terrific mock tails such as Watermelon Star Anise & Virgin Mojito which were class apart. 

It tasted of absolutely fresh mint & well blended.

The food was indeed mouthwatering & appetizing. 
Lotus stems are one of the most common dishes, here it had the perfect blend of honey with chilly, just perfect.


 Veg Platter’s best part was the Paneer tikka (let the pseudo Punjabi in you roar when the soft, gossamer delicacy melts in your taste buds. )
Soya Chap & chicken tikka get a 10 on 10 for the correct amount of spices. 

Treatment for Kings, guaranteed. 
The showstopper! 

The Sheesha was perfect in the first go in itself, very smooth; No questions on that. Here’s bringing the Arab touch too. Is there anything this place can’t do? 
Final Verdict – 5/5! 

Our overall experience was Extremely Good. The staff goes the extra mile in ensuring your comfort. 

What a place to be at!

 A cozy meal for two this Valentine’s Day would cost : Upto ₹1700  

Also, here’s their full social media details! 



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