Rendezvous with Apurva Singh of Splitsvilla Fame: Redefining Bold 

Authors : Anurag Namdeo & Simran 


“Modeling, for me, isn’t about being beautiful but creating something interesting for
people to look at and think about.” 

– Apoorva quotes these lines in a picture from her Instagram (handle : @being.apurva) 

Having said that and living up to it is no easy task but we have with us, the dauntless Apurva Singh, former MTV  Spitsvilla 7 and Channel V Presents Dare2Date contestant who is definitely a Head Turner. 

Beautiful and unapologetic of her looks to kill, she’s here to break all your stereotypes about femininity and its fragility. 

Call her crass, call her slapdash, but she’s here to rule. We managed to steal some of her time and present to you snippets from our candid conversation with the roaring, feminist star!


1. Tell us something about yourself.
A young, energetic girl from Lucknow, who now lives in Delhi.
 I am outspoken but very clear in my head and heart. 

Honesty and hard work are the governing principles of my life. I put my heart and soul into everything I do! 

2. Describe your journey at Splitsvilla 7
I cherish each memory I’ve made there – whether good or bad, bitter or sweet. Rest, my journey was on National television for the world to watch. 
I have nothing to hide. 

3. How did your date In the episode of Channel V presents DaretoDate go?
The thing about television is that it’s parallel to real life, but not real life. 
The show DaretoDate was an entirely different experience than what could have happened in real life. 

Being an actor, you know that its not going to work, so you don’t take it that seriously and let it go with the flow as the show goes on. 

4. Are you currently dating someone?
My career and my future are the only  things in my head at the moment. 


5. Describe your Experience with MTV
My experience with MTV was good. It helped me get started and took me a step closer towards my goals in life. 
I learnt a lot there. 

6. What inspired you to take up Modeling?
As a kid, the silver screen always fascinated & ensorcelled me with all its glamour, and I wanted to see myself on the other side of the screen, though my journey towards the bigger screen is still on. 

7. You were the loudest & the most hated on Splitsvilla because of your headstrong nature. Any comments?
My nature of not taking any bullshit from anyone has earned me all these names. 
It doesn’t bother me. I know I have nothing to be guilty of.  
8. What are your worst fears in life?

To lose something which I love the most. 

9. A piece of wisdom to all the budding models!

There is no permanent success through any short cuts in life. Work hard, win it! 


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